When we discovered the Midjourney Artificial Intelligence Bot, we could not help but to wonder, what this AI would create as output in relation to Bali. 

Bali is known and loved by so many and ignites all kinds of associations and expectations within people when they hear its name. So we assumed, also an AI bot must express what millions and millions of people from all over the world think and feel about the Island of Gods based on the data these bots have gathered.

On the following pages we will introduce AI created artwork, of course about Bali. We will choose different topics to explore, how AI is “seeing” Bali within slightly different context. Our first two projects are  “How would the greatest painters & artists of our past see Bali”, from  Michelangelo to Salvador Dali, and “What would the great Banksy create?”.

How AI will influence creative expression and how this “technology” will impact the world overall, is still very unclear and up for debate among philosophers, governments, artists, lawyers, IT experts and us as individuals. This little experiment was not designed to give answers to these questions but to inspire the mind and make us wonder.

For now, we simply invite you to enjoy the results and see how they make you feel…


AI art projects about Bali

Inspired by the Greatest Painters & Artists 

A special feature inspired by Banksy

Upcoming AI art projects about Bali & the Balinese

Balinese Dancers & Traditional Costumes

AI picture artificial intelligence bali surfing

Surfing in Bali – catching the waves

More to Come – Stay Tuned