Bali Transportation

Coming, leaving and getting around

Bali has been a major tourist destination since so many years now. The island can be reached quite easily from almost any place in the world. Many airlines offer direct flights or take you to Bali with one-stop (KL, Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, etc). Bali is also a great hub to other destinations, and many excellent low-cost carriers provide cheap flight tickets to almost anywhere in the region. India and China are getting better connections to service the increasing demand from these countries.

A topic, many times overlooked within the travel planning efforts, is the transportation on the ground. “How do I get around on Bali” is one of the core questions, and the answer will naturally impact the hotel choices. Bali is rather well developed when it comes to transportation on the ground. Yet, it can be a complicated issue to find a safe, fair-priced, reliable way to get from A to B if you don’t know how this island works. And this starts right at the airport after your arrival. How to get to your hotel from the airport– If you want to save you some hassle, discussions, delays and surprises, you can book a reliable transfer service online on our website.

Getting Around

For short distances, you can rent a scooter, hire a Go-Jek Scooter driver, get Uber or Grab taxi (not everywhere!!!) or a Bali Taxi. We suggest to use a BlueBird cab; they do switch on the meter. For tours and longer distances, we recommend you hire a car WITH driver. Below you will find offers and prices from reliable and trustworthy operators, that pay their employees a fair salary, pay their taxes, service their cars, have all permits in place, and make sure you are well-taken care of.

Car Rental, Tours & Bus Hire

If you want to discover the island of gods and some of the many beautiful wonders of Bali in a most efficiently and comfortably way, then we would suggest to rent a car or minibus with a driver. Prices in Bali for Car Rentals are rather cheap compared to other holiday destinations – particularly when you hire with a driver.

It is possible to rent a car without a driver and drive on your own (you need an international driving license!), but it’s not much cheaper. And, Bali is “very dynamic”, with many small roads, not many road signs, and with a driving culture that can be described as “intuitive” and chaotic. Not easy to drive here without getting stressed real quickly. Check out our Traffic Tips.

Car Rental Inclusives:

  • English Speaking Driver
  • Driver meal Cost
  • Air Conditioned Car
  • 1 Water bottle for each passenger
  • Gasoline
  • Free itinerary, you decide where you want to go or choose from set tours. For very far distances (e.g. Pemuteran minor gasoline surcharge might apply)
  • Driver speaking other languages available upon request (Jap. Rus. Kor…

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Reliable, Safe, Clean and Friendly

To play it safe, hassle-free and comfortable it is advisable to hire a car, minibus or even a bus for larger groups from a professional and experienced company who work with trained and registered drivers. And the extra cost for a driver is very small, something between 10-25US$ per day, so only renting a car without a driver might not be worth it compared to the hassle you can get yourself into.

You can book organized private full-day or half-day tours or arrange a car rental with driver for 5 or 10 hours and tell the driver where you want to go. That’s the easiest way.

Please have a look at our vehicle list. You can reserve your car and driver or even tour directly on and benefit from some great discounts. Or send us an email via our contact form (note briefly what car you want, for how long, when, what you would like to do, no. of passengers, etc.) We will forward your inquiry to one of our hand-picked partners who have a proven track record, are highly reliable, hire trained and trustworthy drivers, and operate a fleet of new vehicles that are safe, insured and well maintained.

Fair Prices & Quality:

Some car rentals might be slightly cheaper than others. If you bargain hard, you can get a driver with a car for around Rp. 600,000. But experience showed, that with such low prices, these drivers can hardly make a living. It means that they will understandably try to make some extra cash somehow or have to cut down their costs on permit fees, maintenance, tax payments, etc. Age and condition of the cars play a major role too.

Traffic in Bali and Renting a Scooter

To rent a scooter or motorbike in Bali is great. It’s fun, cheap, and gives you a lot of freedom to go to the restaurants, beaches, shops etc nearby, without always needing to find a taxi or getting Uber or Grab Taxi (which is not available everywhere). But it’s also dangerous if you don’t know how to handle the traffic and are proficient in driving a two-wheeler.

The traffic in Bali is a bit crazy and has nothing to do with traffic in Australia, US, Europe, Japan etc. Particularly if you intend to rent a scooter, you need to be careful and alert and know a few things that keep you safe. We gathered a few tips for you that should help you to avoid getting injured, which is not a fun thing to do, particularly when you are far away from home.

Must-know Tips on Bali’s Traffic and on renting a motorbike/ scooter

Best Budget Airlines

Have a brief look at our selection of budget airlines that service Bali Denpasar (DPS). Particularly the ones who fly between Bali and KL, and Bali and Singapore are often used.

Some travellers book a flight to Singapore, KL or even Hongkong; spend a couple of days there, then continue flying to Bali. It’s often cheaper and more flexible to do so.

List of Best Budget Airlines flying to Bali

Coming Back Soon

Due to the Covid Situation unfortunately we cannot offer you at the moment tour and transportation services.