Currency Exchange Rates & Converter

Currency on Bali, Indonesia

The official currency for Bali and entire Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or also shown as Rp.

Every business is legally obliged to charge for their services in IDR; therefore, it is the dominant currency.

However, the US$ you still see rates published in USD, mainly in hotels and some activities. This practice applies particularly for businesses that are based on large investments and have foreign investors as partners. The final price you will end up paying in IDR will then be calculated based on current USD – IDR exchange rate.

Good to know

IDR = Indonesian Rupia (Rp)
Rough Rates – to make the calculation easy ;-):
1 AUD – 10,000 IDR
1 USD – 15,000 IDR
1 EUR – 17,000 IDR

Sometimes local prices are shown like this:
Rp. 60K or 60T
(K and T = 1,000)

Currency Converter

You can use this currency converter tool to get the official exchange rate for today. The exchange rate you get at money changers for changing cash, or from the banks when paying by credit card, or from the hotels at the reception does vary. As an average, those rates are 3% to 5% from the official exchange rates. Avoid changing money at hotel desks.

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