Bali Map

Bali is one of the smaller islands of the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia with more than 14,000 islands. Here are some helpful Bali maps of Bali showing the 9 legislative regions and te most favourite tourism destinations. A separate map shows the destinations in the of South Bali which are the most visited and also best developed destinations in Bali. Check out the interesting topography map.

Bali Map – the 9 Regencies & Most Important Destinations

(red dots) indicate the best destinations in Bali to visit)

Nine regions of Bali

Map – South of Bali Main Tourism Destinations

South Bali is the island’s busiest and most developed area, and also the most popular with tourists. This is for good reason. It includes the busy spots Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak, the calmer areas of Canggu, Sanur and Nusa Dua, and the surf-oriented Bukit peninsula.
The south is also where Bali’s airport Ngurah Rai is located (DPS Denpasar).

Visitors interested in the cultural aspects of Bali will find plenty to like in Ubud which is located more in the centre of Bali, or you can visit the beautiful temples at Tanah Lot and Uluwatu or get inspired by the traditional arts of Sanur.
If you are interested in shopping, South Bali offers thousands of shops, with everything from souvenirs to fashionable clothing and jewelry available at very low prices. Seminyak in general is more “boutique” than Kuta or Legian, which goes for restaurants, clubs, villas, resorts and shops alike.

South Bali is also the best place for dining and nightlife. Local food from all over the Indonesian archipelago awaits you, as well as fusion and international cuisine made by Bali’s many cutting-edge chefs. You can enjoy the freshest seafood on the beach at Jimbaran or rub shoulders with the fun seeking crowds in Kuta and Legian.
Sunsets are the time when everyone heads to the beach for a drink, and the night goes from there. Wild beach parties, upscale nightclubs, and plenty of venues with live music can be found all over South Bali, and most places stay open late.

Accommodation is available at all levels in the South Bali region, from the most basic backpacker rooms with a bed and a fan for only a few dollars, to five-star hotels, resorts, and private, fully-staffed beachfront villas. Whatever your budget, you are certain to find the right room for you. The majority of Bali’s most beautiful beaches are in the south, with a wide variety of different options for sun worshipers, and some of the world’s best waves for surfing can be found here, suiting all levels of surfer, from absolute beginner to seasoned pro.

If you are looking to experience everything that Bali has to offer in one place, there is no better way to do so than by spending time in South Bali.

South of Bali

Bali Mountains and Volcanoes

Bali has several mountains and Volcanoes that play a major role in Bali’s mysticism and religious rituals. Mount Agung, the main and most important volcano, is more than 3000m high. The green stars indicate the 7 main mountains.

Volcano mountains in Bali

Map Profile / Altitudes

Topography of Bali

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