What to Bring to Bali – Packing List

Shopping is part of the fun in Bali

The good news is, Bali is a very well developed island. There are plenty of local stores lining the streets of Bali, and malls, and international stores, well stocked pharmayies and convenience stores, where you will likely find all that you need 8and want). So, in case you forgot something at home, you can easily get it in Bali –  particularly in the south (Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Denpasar), and in Ubud, Sanur.
In the other areas it’s a bit more difficult. So if you travel to the southern Parts of Bukit, or  up north to Lovina, Amed, Lembongan Island etc, then it is better to be sure you have everything you need.

At Sunset Road you can find a fully stacked Carrefour, that sells everything form fruits to TVs. Pepito’s is a local grocery and convenience store chain, that can be found in many areas nowadays. Matahari can be found in Mall Bali Galeria and near Kuta beach. At Jalan Sunset the Lucky store is like a small version of a carrefour, but also very well stocked. In Seminyak the infamous Bintang Market unfortunately burnt down in 2020. Plenty of small convenience stores that are all over Bali, such as Alphamart, Indomaret, Circle-K, M-Mart, etc. sell the necessities we often need and tend to forget or run out on a daily basis.

We advise you to only pack the essentials and remember, you can get your laundry done very easily in Bali. All hotels provide this service. If you want to save some money, you will find many laundry services all over Bali you wash, dry and iron your clothes for 2-4 USD per Kilo.

Shopping is one of the main “attractions” in Bali. So you might want to pack less and use the space for clothes shopping.

Do bring:

  • Light coloured and breathable clothes, Bali can get hot and humid. Have a look at our weather charts. One long sleeve shirt and pants or skirt will be handy in case you will attend a ceremony or high-end party. Some restaurants, high-end clubs and lounges have a strict dress code Shorts, tank tops and sandals are not always allowed.
  • Beach essentials, sunscreen/ sunblock is a must, this particular lotion/ spray can be pretty expensive in Bali. Especially if you have a sensitive skin, it will be hard to find that works well for your skin. Well fitted caps/hats for the sun protection of especially the little ones. Swim wear (T-Shirt or full sleeves). Cheap sunglasses are easily found in Bali but you might want to bring your own, as you are never sure if you get some that filter UV (unless you buy at a proper shop). beach shoes could be a good idea, although not necessary very often. A snorkel and a mask are always good fun, also in the pool.
  • Toiletries & Amenities, Depends on where you stay, smaller scale accommodations don’t provide toiletries, otherwise shampoo, body gel and body lotion are standard amenities in Bali’s hotels, resorts and villas. Ladies, a decent selection of tampax etc. is not always available. Mosquito repellent is standard equipment in all accommodations and Bali has wonderful natural products to stop those pesky creatures. If you favor a special brand for your kids, then better to bring it along.
  • Medicine, It’s good to bring your own “home-medi-kit” if you need special medicine or treatments. Usually if things get “bad” we need in Bali paracetamol, something against diarrhea, sunburn, insect bites, a cold, and fever – that’s about it. You can find these things of course in one of the many pharmacies. 
  • Electronics, camera, memory cards ( you will be amazed at the many photo opportunities), smart phones or tablets & Headphones. Chargers for all devices and plug or adapter. Read more on what plugs and sockets are used in Bali.
  • Bring a sling back or waist bag to bring enough amount of money and travel documents safely with you all the time. Don’t forget to get all of the important documents copied and keep it in your luggage, as a back up in case something unexpected happen.
  • International Driving license (and your national license) if you want to rent a motorbike or car without driver
  • Your media toys, like laptop, mobile phone, camera, go-pro etc…

No need to bring:

  • Formula milk, pampers and baby wipes are abundant – but a bit more expensive than at home. Always good to bring your stock for the first few days anyhow. These items are easily available in pharmacies and supermarkets (local and international brands).
  • Toys, your kids have plenty of things to do in Bali. IN many hotels and resorts you can find a small game selection, that will keep them buys during a rainy day. The small shops lining the streets of Bali sell enough goods your kids might want to buy.
  • Your heavy baby equipment, Avoid airline surcharges and backache caused by lugging cots and strollers; baby equipment of good quality is easily available for rent on the island. Note that most villas have their own high chairs and cots if not more.

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