What are the Visa Requirements for Eritrea Citizens?

Enter into Indonesia / Bali with Eritreans Passport

Eritreans can apply for a B211 A Visit Visa and travel to Indonesia for tourism or business purpose. With an Eritrean passport you can not get a Visa on Arrival at the moment. Please check the FAQ below for further details on your options on how to get a B211A Visa, the costs and process.

FAQ C-type Visit Visa for Bali / Indonesia

1. ASSISTED Visa Service & Online Application

You can apply online via bali.com

INCLUDED in the Service:

  • Document verification & validation
  • Application registration and verified upload into the immigration online system
  • Customer support
  • Express Service available
  • Sponsor & guarantee Letters (if required)

Reliable, efficient, and 100% online! 

Details, Prices & Requirements & Online Application Form


2. Self-Service - Online Application on Immigration Website

If you can arrange all the necessary documents and don't use the assistance of a Visa Agent or Facilitator, then only use the official Website of the Indonesian Immigration Department.



Citizens from all countries can apply for a 211A Visa (C-type 60 days Visit Visa).

However Citizens from following countries CAN NOT apply for a simple tourist / visit Visa for Indonesia but would need to follow a special application process (calling Visa). The costs are significantly higher. 

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Guinea
  4. Israel
  5. Kosovo (not recognised)
  6. Liberia
  7. Nigeria
  8. North Korea
  9. Somalia

If you are a traveler from any of the above mentioned countries and you intend to visit Indonesia / Bali you need a "calling visa". You can contact us for more information, prices, and application options per email. 

Yes, Indonesia recognises these travel documents. Visitors however need to apply for a C1 Visa, which we can facilitate for you. Infos & Prices


  1. Titre de Voyage: This is a term often used, especially in French-speaking countries.

  2. Refugee Travel Document: Many countries use the term "Refugee Travel Document" to describe this type of travel document.

  3. Travel Document for Aliens: Some countries may use this more general term to describe the document for individuals who are not citizens.

  4. Convention Travel Document: This term is associated with the 1951 Refugee Convention, which established the legal status and rights of refugees. The Convention Travel Document is recognized under this agreement.

  5. Laissez-Passer: In some cases, the term "laissez-passer" is used, especially by international organizations. It essentially means "let pass" or "let travel" in French.

  6. Certificate of Identity: This term may be used in some countries or by certain organizations.

  7. Special Travel Document: Another generic term that can be used to describe a travel document for individuals with specific legal statuses.

  8. Asylum Travel Document: In some countries, this term is used to describe the document issued to those granted asylum.

  9. Document of Identity: Another term that may be used to describe a travel document for stateless individuals or refugees.

  10. Passport Substitute: Some countries may simply refer to it as a passport substitute or a document that serves the purpose of a passport for certain individuals.


60 days Visit Visa Visa for Indonesia

  • the Visa is valid for 60 days
  • there are different visa options depending on your travel purpose (C1 Tourism, C2, Business, C6 Voluntary Program, C12 Pre-Investment). All of them are valid initially for 60 days
  • Day of arrival and day of departure count as full days
  • The Visa can be extended twice, each time for 60 days, which gives you a total of 180 days max, that you can stay in Indonesia without having to leave the country
  • If you overstay your Visa you will have to pay a penalty of IDR 1mio per day!

What you re allowed to do in Indonesia depends on the Visa Type you apply for, and therefore on your travel purpose

C1 Tourist Visa

  • Visit Indonesia for the purpose of tourism
  • Visit family or friends
  • Attend meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions as an attendee

You are not allowed to:

  • be a speaker at events
  • do or run a business ("make money")
  • provide services including of course being a Yoga Teacher or life coach at seminars and retreats

C2 Business Visa

  • Carry out activities related to business, meetings, or purchase of goods including but not limited to checking goods at the office, factory, or production site of goods.
  • Discuss, negotiate, and/or sign business contracts.
  • Conduct activities related to tourism, and visiting friends or family

You are not allowed to:

  • do or run a business ("make money")
  • provide services including of course being a Yoga Teacher or life coach at seminars and retreats


This Visa is a "Single Entry Visa" only. 

A Multiple Entry Visa is now Available (Info and Application Service)

YES. This visa is forIndonesia and not just a region or specific island. Therefore any type of Visa (Visa on Arrival or C1, etc.) is always valid for Indonesia and you can travel within Indonesia freely .

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