Candidasa is known for…

  • Laidback coastal village
  • Affordable front beach bungalows
  • Snorkelling and dive spots
  • Traditional Bali Aga village
  • Quiet atmosphere

How is Candidasa in general?

Romantic East-Coast of Bali

Candidasa is one of the most tranquil locations, with pockets of small beaches in Bali. From here, you see the magnificent view of the Lombok Strait. Candidasa offers beautiful sunrises, some great restaurants and stunning beachfront villas. Candidasa is a seaside town with the backdrop of green hills and paddy fields. It’s a tranquil getaway and perfect for walks and snorkelling in the underwater world. It is strategically located few kilometres away from Padangbai port, or about one-hour drive from Sanur.

Candidasa – Must Know Insights

Candidasa - Where to stay

From a simple bungalow by the beach to an international five-star resort; Candidasa has several options of accommodation that will meet any traveller’s budget.


Beaches in Candidasa mostly function as ports and fishing villages, as well as some seaweed and salt farming, which may be of interest to visitors. Further to the ocean, there are several stunning snorkelling and dive spots.


The hotels have their restaurants for your convenience, and most serve a selection of international food. Want to explore? You can wander around the main street of Raya Candidasa and check out the great line up of restaurants serving delicious local and international dishes.


Low key Candidasa doesn’t offer a vibrant nightlife. The low-end clubs are decent enough, although not as bubbly as the ones you see in the south of Bali. Some cafes feature local bands and pool tables are available in several bars. Some hotels and restaurants offer a weekly Balinese dance performance.


There is a huge Lotus lagoon in the middle of town which can be a magnificent sight when the flowers are in bloom. The village temple origins from the 11th century is located on the opposite of the lagoon. Bali Aga village is a must-visit attraction in Tenganan which is in the Northwest of Candidasa. This traditional village, protected from the influence of outsiders by a solid stone wall, upholds its ancient pre-Hindu customs of ancestor worship, cosmology and other animist beliefs and is known for its traditional festivals and unique technique of weaving, called the ‘double ikat’. One spectacle festival involves the village men fighting each other using sharp thorny pandanus leaves. This ritual is known as mekare kare and is scheduled whenever there is an important temple ceremony. Visitors are welcomed. There is no entrance fee, but a small donation is requested as you enter the village.


Transportation in the area is somewhat difficult—no other public transportation available except local taxis. Most of the tourists are coming using a car rental with driver on Friday and being picked up on Sunday. While staying in the hotels, you might need to rent a scooter or hire a car with a local driver to explore nearby attractions.


Like many parts in Bali, the village of Candidasa was not discovered until 1960 by visitors. Before that time, it was a sleepy town called Cilidasa which means ten children. A name derived from an old statue in the town temple of the fertility goddess Hariti surrounded by children.


Adventurous travellers can hike the hilly-scape nearby “Bukit Asah” and set-up tent for a weekend camping. The Gedong Gandhi Ashram near the Lotus lagoon accepts donations for weekly yoga classes in English.


From a simple bungalow by the beach to an international five-star resort; Candidasa has several options of accommodation that will meet any traveller’s budget.

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