Candidasa – Adventures in the East

Located a few kilometres away from Padangbai port, and about one-hour drive from Sanur, this village offers a similar atmosphere with the latter. Candidasa is one of the most serene locations, with pockets of small beaches along this side of the island. From here, you see the magnificent view of the Lombok Strait. Candidasa offers beautiful sunrises, some great restaurants and stunning beachfront villas. Candidasa is a seaside town with the backdrop of green hills and paddy fields. It’s a tranquil getaway and perfect for walks and snorkelling.

The hotels have their restaurants for your convenience, and most serve a selection of international food. If you’re seeking out a place to eat outside the lavish hotels, you can wander around the main street of Raya Candidasa and check out the great lineup of restaurants serving delicious local and international dishes. Although the village doesn’t offer a vibrant nightlife, however you’ll find some cafes feature local bands or often times a Balinese dance performance as entertainment, and pool tables are available in several of the bars in the area.

Top Restaurants and Cafes in Candidasa