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How is Canggu in general?

Canggu is a relatively “young” area, not just in reference to the crowd it draws in. Not even a decade ago, there was not much around but rice fields and a few guest houses for surfers. Lately, Canggu has evolved into a fun and booming place, where somehow you can get the best of everything. Canggu is for those just looking to surf or chill by the many cafes and coffee shops, you’ll find it gives off a relaxed bohemian vibe. Being further north from Seminyak and Kuta, you’ll find Canggu to be just as sociable albeit a little quieter. 

Canggu & Berawa – Guide & Insights

When it comes to the stretch of Canggu and it’s many beaches, you’ll find accommodation such as hotels and more commonly villas spread throughout, either within walking distance or a quick scooter ride away. Berawa (and Jl Raya Pantai Berawa) is very well developed and has lots of restaurants, bars, including accommodation from hostels to upper class lodging and luxury villas. A narrow road called the “Canggu Shortcut” is famous as the crossing from Berawa to the other “Canggu areas” further north in avoiding the main road.
Jl. Nelayan is much more quiet, a less hectic area yet close by to the more busy Canggu areas – and it’s within walking distance of what some consider the heart of Canggu: Batu Bolong. Batu Bolong Beach and its eponymous main street Jl Batu Bolong is where you’ll find many beach cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the stunning Bali sunset.
Further up north in Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan features the famous La Brisa beach club in its bohemian glory along the foreshores of Echo Beach. Another shortcut leading from Echo towards Pererenan, although not strictly part of Canggu geographically, but it is common knowledge to acknowledge that it is. It’s much more quiet here with many Bali families that live here. Beautiful, private villas have been built around the area. If you want a quiet and serene atmosphere, then Pererenan is a great choice.

Hotels & Resorts

Canggu is famous for still offering affordable home-stays and budget-friendly accommodation such as guest houses and surf camps for surfers, backpackers, and digital nomads. There are amazing mid-to-upper class resorts that have opened, as well as lavish and private villas congregating along most alleyways around the area. Although within walking distance to the main roads and the numerous beaches Canggu has, you’ll find that most properties are surrounded by idyllic rice fields with a lot of the local Balinese families still living in the area. Familiar names of big hotel chains are not found in this area, so everything feels more intimate and close-knit of a community here.


You’ll find an amazing variety of local and internationally owned restaurants and cafes in Canggu, from a tasty Nasi Goreng in a local warung (family-owned eateries) to coffeeshops that adhere to vegan lifestyles. Famous for diet-friendly restaurants, stunning brunch places, and yes, you’ll come across probably the best pizzas you can find in Bali. The cafe vibes are immaculate, chill, and relaxed as far as the bohemian aesthetic goes, because it is nothing short of all that you crave. The beach shacks serve drinks such as coconuts and snacks for a relaxing time lying on the sand.

Going Out

Beach clubs and bars are widely known as the nightlife scene around Canggu, for instance, Berawa houses the famous Finn’s Beach Club, which is the main attraction for partygoers in the wider Canggu vicinity. With exciting backdrops and an assortment of themes, the bars in Canggu draw in crowds even from Kuta and Seminyak. Although the same level of nightlife hype found in Kuta and Seminyak has not reached the shores of Canggu yet, the Balinese hope it remains the way it is.

Going Out

The beaches on this side of Bali may not be pristine white as the sand color is more on the dark side given the volcanic nature of the island. Canggu is known for the surf culture, as the surf is great for all levels of surfing enthusiasts. There are surf schools that teach beginners up to advanced surfing on the beach. Although depending on the weather, the sea can get a little rough to swim through the strong currents, so be mindful when bringing your kids to play. Nevertheless, come lounge on the beach chairs and bean bags that are available along the beach, nothing better than having salty hair after a nice surf with a drink in hand, watching the ocean in the afternoons.


Canggu encapsulates a wonderful and peaceful lifestyle with its surf scene and aesthetic cafes for anyone looking to work, play, or even relax. On top of a thriving beach scene for a morning or afternoon surf, there are also a number of fitness, martial arts, and yoga studios available in the area as health and fitness is a big culture in Canggu. It accommodates plenty of families hanging out, surfers preparing to catch the next wave, kids running around, and the stray dogs that enjoy the attention of beach visitors.

Being right next to each other, Canggu and Seminyak are more often than not mistaken to have no real difference between the two neighborhoods as young travelers flock towards these popular areas. However, the best part is that Canggu is a mixed bag of all sorts of people from surfers, backpackers, to females on a girls trip, and city dwellers looking for a weekend getaway. Canggu serves as an easy-going atmosphere in contrast to Seminyak, where people of different backgrounds mix and mingle. However, it does tend to get overcrowded during spring break and peak tourist season. Canggu has grown tremendously popular among digital nomads with coworking and coliving spaces popping up to accommodate them. With everything else only within a stone’s throw away, what more could you ask for?

Canggu might seem like a walkable area but the distance can be deceiving. The online taxi app people would commonly use, Gojek and Grab, might be an essential on your phone, however you’ll find certain spots difficult to flag one down due to the streets not really suitable for lots of traffic. What might seem like a short distance would cost you if you end up stuck in traffic. Most common way that travelers get around is by renting scooters if they have experience with riding two-wheelers.

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