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Canggu (including Berawa) is Bali’s most up-and-coming destination. There’s something for everyone, from backpackers to partygoers to digital nomads and spiritual seekers. You can find a big range of accommodation choices, from budget friendly hostels to mid-class hotels and resorts. Plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, beach clubs, gyms, spas, and yoga studios.

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Canggu & Berawa are known for…

Canggu & Berawa

Canggu is a relatively “new” destination, Not even a decade ago, there was not much to discover but rice fields and a few guest houses for surfers. Lately, Canggu has evolved into the most popular destination in Bali. You can get the best (almost) of everything Bali has to offer. The general vibe is still relaxed even though the nightlife is vibrant and fun. Dozens of restaurants, gyms, shops and places to stay are opening every month. Before you choose Canggu area as one of your destinations to visit in Bali, it’s good to get to know it a bit better, to know whether this is for you.

Canggu & Berawa – Insights

Canggu is Berawa is Canggu

Canggu is quite big, and there are several areas within Canggu that are worth mentioning. Even though, the area called Berawa is not strictly Canggu, it is often considered as a part of Canggu. So hotels might call themselves “Villa X  Canggu,” while actually it is located in Berawa. Also, the areas between the beach coast and the main Road, Jl. Raya Canggu, is the main place to be. To stay north of the main road (away from the beach) is quite far away, and would require you to consider transportation options to get almost anywhere.  For that purpose we suggest to stay somewhere between the coast and the main road, preferably in the orange section (see map).

Hotels & Resorts
Canggu Berawa Map

There are several beaches (pantai) with their landmarks:

  • Pantai Berawa – FINNs Beach Club
  • Pantai Canggu – ZIN Canggu Resort in Nelayan Street
  • Pantai Batu Bolong – Old Man’s & the Lawn
  • Batu Echo – La Brisa Beach Club / Restaurant

Berawa (and Jl Raya Pantai Berawa) is very well developed and has lots of restaurants, bars, including accommodation from hostels to upper class lodging and luxury villas. The main beach is where FIINS Beach Club and Atlas Beach Club are located. 

A narrow road called the “Canggu Shortcut” is famous for its mad traffic jams and connects Berawa with Canggu (Batu Bolong and Nelayan. Batu Bolong Street (Jalan) is somewhat the center of Canggu, while Nelayan Street is a bit quieter.

Therefore the heart of Canggu: Batu Bolong Street, leading to Batu Bolong Beach, where you’ll find many shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, and on the beach smaller shacks and restaurants where you can enjoy the stunning Bali sunset.

Further up north in Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan leading towards Echo beach, that features the famous La Brisa beach club in its bohemian glory.

map canggu beaches

Canggu is famous for still offering affordable home-stays and budget-friendly accommodation such as guest houses and surf camps for surfers, backpackers, and digital nomads. There are a few mid-to-upper class resorts that have opened, as well as lavish and private villas, of which some are near the beach. Particularly in Canggu, unless you can rent and drive a motorized scooter, we do suggest to pick an accommodation near the main areas and also near the beach. Familiar names of big hotel chains are not (yet) found in this area, but some are under construction. 

You will find your way around when browsing through the accommodation options. Make sure you use the map view.

You’ll find an amazing variety of local and internationally owned restaurants and cafes in Canggu, from a tasty Nasi Goreng in a local warung (family-owned eateries) to coffeeshops that adhere to vegan lifestyles. Famous for diet-friendly restaurants, stunning brunch places, and yes, you’ll come across probably the best pizzas you can find in Bali. The cafe vibes are chill, and relaxed while you will encounter plenty f digital nomads from all over the world. Dozens and dozens of restaurants and cafes have opened and are still opening. It’s hard to keep track. You will find almost anything at any price range. 

Beach clubs and bars are widely known as the nightlife scene around Canggu, for instance, Berawa houses the famous Finn’s Beach Club, the “megasized” Atlas Beach Fest (Beach Club and Indoor Superclub), the Vault and many smaller bars and restaurants.,

Batu Bolong is home to infamous Old Man’s, the Lawn, Morabito Art Villa, and Sand Bar to name a few.

With exciting backdrops and an assortment of themes, the bars in Canggu draw in crowds even from Kuta and Seminyak nowadays. 

The beaches on this side of Bali may not be pristine white as the sand color is more on the dark side given the volcanic nature of the island. Canggu is known for the surf culture, as the surf is great for all levels of surfing enthusiasts. There are surf schools that teach beginners up to advanced surfing on the beach. Although depending on the weather, the sea can get a little rough to swim through the strong currents, so be mindful when bringing your kids to play. Nevertheless, come lounge on the beach chairs and bean bags that are available along the beach, nothing better than having salty hair after a nice surf with a drink in hand, watching the ocean in the afternoons.


Canggu encapsulates a certain “beach lifestyle” with its surf scene, gyms, co-working spaces, and aesthetic cafes for anyone looking to work, play, relax, and party.

On top of a thriving beach scene for a morning or afternoon surf, there are also a number of fitness, martial arts, and yoga studios available in the area as health and fitness is a big culture in Canggu.

You can find a G-Swing adventure and if the wind is right, you can opt for some kite surfing. ANd don’t forget shopping. 

There is no real sightseeing in Canggu, no old temples to visit.


The best part is that Canggu is a “mixed bag of all sorts of people” from surfers, backpackers, party seekers, and not to forget, the thousands of digital nomads from all over the world. Plenty of expatriates call Canggu their home. Canggu also draws many visitory from Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia creating a nice and interesting mix of people from all over the world. 

Canggu might seem small and easy to explore by foot. But the distances can be deceiving, better check on google maps before you decide to take a stroll, and check how long it effectively would take you to get to where you wish to go. Best way to get around is by renting a scooter. The transportation app Gojek is a life saver to hire a scooter taxi or car.

The roads are narrow, many of them have no sidewalks, thousands of scooters roam the streets. Traffic can be daunting, this is why getting from A to B within Canggu can be a night mare if you can’t drive a scooter on your home or feel comfortable to call for a “scooter taxi (GoJek).

Canggu is not very

  • quiet 
  • suitable for the luxury traveler
  • culturally relevant
  • suitable for small kids and families
  • easy to get to

lots of scooters, narrow roads, at times traffic jam, party crowd, lack of sidewalks, still many construction sites

TOP Beaches in Canggu & Berawa

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Canggu & Berawa Map


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