Where to stay in Canggu?

Canggu features several beaches, from Berawa, Pantai Nelayan, Batu Bolong, Echo up to Pererenan Beach (Pantai). Each beach has a main road leading towards it (Jl or Jalan means street in Indonesian)

Each of these areas is slightly different.

In Canggu it is still possible to stay near the beach, or at least in walking distance. You can walk around in Canggu, but distances can still be quite far because the roads are usually running towards the coast. Roads parallel to the coast are rare. If it’s hot, a 10min walk can be quite exhausting if you are not yet used to the tropical climate. If you are not accustomed to drive a scooter in Bali and depend on public transportation (scooter taxis & taxis) then best is to stay near the coast line.

Berawa (and Jl Raya Pantai Berawa) is very well developed and has lots of restaurants, bars, shops, the famous FINNs Beach Club, and accommodation from hostels to upper class hotels and luxury villas. You have to cross the famous “Canggu Shortcut” to get from Berawa to the other “Canggu areas” further north.

Nelayan (Jl. Nelayan and Nelayan Beach) is much more quiet, and a nice area if you want it less hectic but still be close by to the more busy Canggu areas. You can find enough restaurants, shops and also hotels in Nelayan – and it’s in walking distance of what some consider the heart of Canggu: Batu Bolong.

Batu Bolong Beach and the mains street “Batu Bolong” is well developed, restaurants, bars, shops, Old Mans, the Lawn and many beach cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the stunning Bali sunset. 

Further up north is Echo Beach, (Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan), featuring thr fmou La Brisa beach club and many restaurants, bars, guest houses and some hotels. Further up inland this road is busy with cafes, yoga venues, and restaurants. 

Another shortcut leads from Echo to Pererenan. Pererenan is not strictly part of Canggu geographically, but in the common mind it is.It’s much more quiet here, and many Bali families live here. It’s beautiful and enough developed with private villas, restaurants and cafes. If you want it quiet, serene and beautiful…. Pererenan is a great choice. 

How to find accommodation in Canggu?

Our partners have the most complete list of places to stay and guarantee best prices. After you have made yourself a little familiar with the area, the easiest way to find your hotel, resort or villa in Canggu is by using actively the filters. By price, stars, and of course review scores. Otherwise the sheer amount of properties in Bali can be quite overwhelming.

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