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Kuta & Tuban is known for…

  • Great Beach & Surf
  • Spa & massage
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping
  • Affordable hotels
  • Tattoo studios

How is Kuta & Tuban in general?

Kuta is the modern tourist’s playground to explore

Kuta is an area that is mainly known for its long sandy beaches and gentle waves, found right next to Tuban where the Bali International Airport (DPS) is located. Young travelers could hop off the plane and jump straight into Kuta for the wild nightlife and high concentration of bars, nightclubs, and hotels. Seeing as everything is relatively affordable for those traveling on a budget, window shop through an endless labyrinth of shops, boutiques, and flea markets, so sharpen those bargaining skills, it may save you a lot of money.

Jet lagged after a long flight? Get a well deserved massage in the hundreds of spas across Kuta ready to make you feel better. Looking to ink your time in Bali? There are many talented tattoo artists in the big tattoo studios along Kuta’s main streets. Take your pick and make sure you found the right place for you.

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Kuta & Tuban – Guide & Insights

There is often no real definite border between the clustered tourism destinations around Bali because even though these areas are based on real locations and villages, locals and tourists refer to them as part of a larger area. As Kuta stretches across the southwestern coast of Bali, travelers have a wide variety of areas of their choosing. Depending on the kind of atmosphere you want to be surrounded with, you’ll have to get familiar with what you’re looking for.

Hotel & Resorts

There are an incredible number of guesthouses, budget hotels, and affordable beachfront resorts in Kuta. Many offer great value to travelers on tight budgets who are certain to find something that they like. Some luxury villas with private pools are located near Legian and Seminyak, most of them with unique blends of Balinese and minimalist architecture. It would be an opportunity missed to not reap the benefits of staying within walking distance to the beach.


Kuta is packed with reasonably-priced restaurants that offer cuisine from every corner of the world. There are a plethora of dining options to choose from, including good Indonesian places that serve food to the many locals working around the area. If you are travelling on a tight budget, there are many street food vendors selling delicacies, such as nasi bungkus. However options are not scarce either for the fabulous brunches and fancy dinners in and around Kuta.

Going Out

You’ll find most nights that the streets of Kuta light up and are filled with music and large crowds of party-goers who are up for anything. DJs and bands from around the world play nightly, while the drinks are cheap and plentiful. Many visitors hop from bar to bar, ending up in the bigger nightclubs as the night goes on. Lately, Kuta has become a playground for young travellers during holiday seasons, especially Australians on “Spring Break”. However, take note that Bali’s drug laws are fierce, and officials are not afraid to make use of those laws when necessary.

Going Out

The beaches will be full of chairs and loungers that are able to be rented, and you’ll find that vendors are everywhere, they will always try to sell you anything ranging from handmade crafts to even a massage. Many locals and visiting families with children would hang out by the water, which is safe to play in. Kuta Beach has small and gentle waves with soft sand at the bottom that makes this a popular spot for people learning to surf. There are always surfers out on any given day, even if there are no waves. The long, flat Kuta Beach is a great place for a walk or jog in the morning or in the afternoon.


Kuta is a great place to learn how to surf as experienced surfers would tell you that this area has been known to be the place to enjoy constant fun on the beach. It also offers many options for family fun, including waterparks, cinemas and karaoke places. Kuta is packed with spas and massage parlours of excellent quality even with relatively low prices. There are also many shopping centres filled with international stores and restaurants. Travelers on a budget may also enjoy the many shops along the streets of Kuta, especially if they don’t mind some bargaining.

Kuta was once a quiet fishing village and was mostly undeveloped, even when Ubud and Sanur were already starting to attract travellers from around the world. That changed in the 1970s, as Bali became a more popular destination for surfing. Surfers were drawn to Kuta’s long stretch of rolling waves and its close proximity to other surf breaks. With them came the hippies and backpackers who were travelling through Southeast Asia. Over the next few decades, Kuta quickly grew into a major tourist hotspot, attracting visitors of all kinds.

You don’t need to worry when it comes to finding good transportation service in Kuta. The local government recently has provided numerous modern bus services to several places in Bali, including from the airport to Kuta and other regions. Some restaurants, malls, hotels and spas even provide free shuttle service for their customers. However, to feel at ease when getting around, it’s best to hire a private car with a driver for your trip. And if you have experiences with riding a scooter, renting one is usually the best way to explore the island.

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