Nusa Dua – Think of only class and elegance

Nusa Dua is positioned on the eastern side of the Bukit Peninsula and is considered the island’s most luxurious location. Most of the area is taken up by international hotels, resorts, and private villa complexes where the VVIPs come to stay and play. Nusa Dua has a few excellent stand-alone restaurants, but most of the best dining options are found in the luxury hotels. Hotel restaurants are usually open to outside guests. It is also an easy drive to Jimbaran Beach, where seafood barbecue dinners can be enjoyed at tables set on the sands. Hotels like Mulia, Sofitel and Kempinski offer a nice Sunday brunch package for those who want to try a fancy all-you-can-eat dining experience.

Most of the hotels in Nusa Dua and Benoa have bars that stay open fairly late, and some offer live music. Though the nightlife here is fairly tame, and thus, many guests staying in Nusa Dua prefer going to Seminyak to enjoy their weekend nights. On this side of the island, the nights are as tranquil as the beach waves and are best for a calm and relaxing time in the comfort of your hotel room.

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