Sidemen – The last remaining secret of Bali’s natural beauty

Sidemen, still considered a secret, holds a rare beauty one might easily overlook in East Bali. Only one road goes through this rural valley,where not many tourists pass through, and has a gushing river from the highest peak of the island, Mt Agung, flowing parallel beside it. There retains a tight-knit feel of community in this charming area that represents a side of Bali that has been left behind where tourists have settled in. To fully discover and appreciate Sidemen and all its beauty, it warrants a longer stay after getting a taste of life here.

There are a lot of little local eateries in Sidemen, the majority of which are warungs that provide dishes of the local cuisine. This quiet village doesn’t have a bustling shopping area or a wide variety of restaurants. Due to the low number of tourists, the more upscale restaurants are found within the resorts. After a long day of exploring East Bali, you deserve a scrumptious feast served on a silver platter.

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