Bali Shopping is limitless

Bali Shopping is famous for

  • Great Prices & Variety
  • Duty Free Shopping
  • Local Art & Handicraft
  • International Brands
  • Boutiques 
  • Surf Gear & Fashion
  • Furniture & Deco
  • Jewelry

Bali is paradise for shoppers

The beautiful traditional culture of the island and its focus on aesthetics mean that locally produced handicrafts, textiles, and art are everywhere. Products from around Indonesia and Asia can easily be found at low prices, while decades of cosmopolitan visitors have contributed to a thriving fashion scene. Over the years some well stocked international malls have opened while literally hundreds of small individual shops and boutiques line the streets of the touristic areas.



Duty Free Shop

Deco & Furniture

Souvenir Shops

Boutiques & Fashion

Surf Shops

Affordable Prices

Shopping prices are very affordable and usually shoppers enjoy a great value for money ratio, allowing the smart traveler to enjoy stacking up on goods without breaking the bank. Traditional shops and markets offer flexible prices, making the best deals possible for those with bargaining skills, while most stores nowadays offer fixed prices that at a fair price level, where bargaining is unnecessary.

Even the most exclusive high end products found at the Duty Free Shop will be considerably cheaper than what you would pay anywhere else, and particularly in Europe, Australia, Korea, Japan.

Bali is Famous for…

A lot of things…beside the LOW PRICES!

Silver work, handicraft, art work and paintings, fashion & clothes, furniture and deco items, natural soaps and essences, coffee, cloth, duty free shopping, surfing gear, international brands,….you name it.

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