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One of the primary reasons travelers choose to visit Bali is for its long coastlines and variety of beaches. Aernoudt Lintgens, a Dutch sailor, was astounded by Kuta Beach’s beauty in 1957 and penned “The Last Paradise”, a journal. A few decades later, Alby Falzon and David Elfick produced the iconic surf movie Morning of the Earth about Kuta and Uluwatu, which ultimately persuaded many other surfers from across the world to visit Bali and take advantage of the fantastic waves and expansive beaches.

Each beach in Bali’s four coastal regions is distinctive in its own way.

Beaches in the South of Bali (Bukit, Balangan, Ungasan, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran)

When it comes to Bali’s tropical vibes, the beaches at Bali’s southernmost point, the Bukit Peninsula, are possibly the greatest on the entire island. Almost all of the beaches have white sand beaches with excellent waves for surfing. However, it’s frequently advised that only experienced and expert surfers go down south. Beautiful beaches like Balangan and Melasti, which are located north of Uluwatu on the west coast of the Peninsula, provide stunning views from the development of limestone cliffs.

Additionally, you may enjoy fantastic sunsets while sipping cold beverages at beach clubs, pubs, cafés, or wooden beach hut bars at this location. Beaches that are a little bit more obscure, including Gunung Payung, Green Bowl, Nyang-Nyang, and Suluban are magnificent, but be aware that it requires hundreds of steps you occasionally have to climb down, and later on up, before you can reach the beach.

Travelers would be passing by Jimbaran Bay before getting to the Bukit Peninsula, which is just south of the airport and home to some stunning resorts like the Four Season. It’s a great pitstop if you like dining fresh seafood served in barbecue style, you should put Jimbaran’s numerous seafood restaurants at the top of your list, which are open from dusk until late at night.

Beaches in the South of Bali - BUKIT

Beaches in the South West (north of the Airport)

Most tourists are familiar with beaches in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak. Berawa, Batu Bolong & Echo (CANGGU), Pererenan and are traditionally the most popular beaches. Many Balinese love to come this part of the island during the weekend to relax, have fun, and take in the sunset.

Even from the airplane, the one shoreline is visible and stretches far, running from the airport (Tuban) all the way up to Canggu. Due to the volcanic sands, the beach’s enormous expanse of varying shades of white, beige, and dark brown becomes darker as you travel farther north. This beachfront offers fantastic waves for beginners to intermediate surfers and gorgeous sunsets. The majority of the time, swimming is possible, however you must be wary of the changing tides, currents, and waves. If you are not a strong swimmer or misjudge the currents, don’t swim too far from the shore.

Beaches in the South West of Bali

Beaches at the West Coast of Bali, north of Canggu

If you follow the west coast moving north from Canggu, the beaches are more remote and secluded. Quiet and leisurely days with black sands and moderate waves may be found on many of these beaches, most notably between Canggu and Tanah Lot (Tabanan region). There are certainly unique beaches with beautiful sights on all sides, where we can see the ocean in the west and peaceful rice fields in the east. Only a few beaches, such as Nyanyi and Pig Stones have a narrow road that only motorcyclists may pass by. Good access roads have since been created in this area. Recently, some villas and eateries have started to spring up near Soka Beach, Yeh Gangga, and Kedungu.

While traveling west, make sure to have extra cash on hand because it might be challenging to find an ATM in some places. West beaches are excellent places to see the sun rise and set. Here, you may also participate in enjoyable activities like motocross and ATV rides.

Beaches in the West Coast of Bali

Beaches at the East Coast of Bali

Sanur beach and the eastern coastline across this well-known and calm resort area in this region are breathtaking. Because of the coral reef along the coast, it is quite tranquil and safe to swim. Overall, if you travel towards Padangbai, a former fishermen’s village that now serves as a harbor scheduled every day to take you to the Nusa Islands, Gili Islands, and even East Indonesia; where you will find many stunning and underrated beaches as well as scuba diving and snorkeling locations.

Blue Lagoon is another extension of Padang Bai and is situated a few kilometers to the north. You’ll see crystal-clear, turquoise water, and vibrant coral reefs at the bottom of the sea. It’s a trek and a climb to get down to this secluded beach, including steep stairs and passing by neighborhood homes. Other beaches with white sands, clear waters, and a variety of underwater biotas are also found in Amed and Tulamben.  Since many East Bali residents are employed as fisherman (nelayan), you will see many jukung, or traditional boats, tethered along the beach and the majority of eateries offering delectable seafood on their menus.

Beaches in the East Coast of Bali

Beaches at the North Coast of Bali

The north coast of Bali does not have many beaches to visit. With its distinctive dolphin-watching activities, Lovina stands out the most. There aren’t many good hotels or diving resorts in the vicinity, so most visitors board boats half an hour before sunrise to take in the views. Despite the marvel of dolphin sighting, there is concern on how ethical and harmful the presence of several boats can be, which can indirectly impact dolphins.

The surroundings of Lovina’s black volcanic sand beach are nice, and if the sky is clear, you can see the silhouettes of Java’s volcanoes as they set. Pemuteran is a beach in the northwest that you shouldn’t skip, close to Menjangan island. It is basically one of Bali’s top locations for snorkeling and diving, where you can view pristine coral reefs and vibrantly colored fish. It is also relatively safe for swimming as the waves are pretty steady. If you don’t bring your equipment for snorkeling or diving, there are many rental shops nearby at an affordable price.

Beaches in the North Coast of Bali

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