22 Rare Century-Old Photos of Bali that Will Take You Back in Time

There’s a saying that goes like this: “People without the knowledge of their history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.” Compiled from various sources, these black and white photographs capture the essence of life, the people, and culture in Bali before 1920, during the Dutch colonial period. Let’s time-travel to Bali in the past century through the photos below:

Portrait of a Balinese family (circa 1910-1920). Source: Tropenmuseum
A Balinese male dancer (circa 1910-1920). Source: Tropenmuseum
Balinese tiger (now extinct) killed by a European hunter, M. Zanveld (circa 1920). Source: Vratislav Mazak
A native Balinese woman spinning thread using a spindle (circa 1910). Source: old-indische.blogspotdotcom.au
A young Balinese girl in traditional costume (circa 1910 – 1914). Source: Tropenmuseum
Two soldiers (circa 1880). Source: Bali Museum
Two Baris dancers drinking beers (circa 1918). Source: fareastitems.com
The Raja of Buleleng and his secretary (circa 1875). Source: Tropenmuseum
Daughter of the Governor of Buleleng (circa 1882). Source: Tropenmuseum
A European family posed in front of a temple in Bali (circa 1910). Source: Tropenmuseum
Four women on their way to the market carrying wicker baskets on their heads (circa 1910-1920). Source: Tropenmuseum
The funeral and cremation of the Raja of Karangasem, Goesti Bagoes Djelantik (1916). Source: Tropenmuseum
Portrait of a mask dancer (circa 1910-1920). Source: Tropenmuseum
Three Balinese spear dancers in front of a temple complex (circa 1910-1920). Source: Tropenmuseum


Balinese women with offering bowls on their heads (1910). Source: Tropenmuseum
Parade of beautiful Balinese young women carrying handmade offerings on their heads (circa 1910-1920). Source: Tropenmuseum
Baris dance performance at a temple complex near Mount Batur (circa 1910-1920). Source: Tropenmuseum
Street in Bali (1912). Source: Leiden University Library
The Raja of Buleleng with priests and courtiers (circa 1820-1890). Source: Tropenmuseum
A typical morning at a traditional market (1920). Source: Leiden University Library
Two men wearing clothes of Balinese Hindu highest caste (1880). Source: Tropenmuseum
Portrait of a young woman in a beautiful traditional dress (1910). Source: Leiden University Library