The Balinese healer with mystic gifts

Traditional Balinese medicine, practiced by a village healer known as a Balian, is an excellent example of how the Balinese have preserved their culture.

The Balian is often portrayed as a shaman or village doctor who uses spiritual knowledge and energy to treat patients. This is not just an idle belief, as many people in Bali believe in this kind of mysticism. This involves extensive familiarity with meditative practices, tantric rituals, and traditional medicinal plants. 

Some Balians study ancient scriptures known as lontar become well versed in esoteric subjects while others might simply be chosen to be blessed with wahyu (divine inspiration). 

They are known to mediate between the living and the dead in the afterlife. And when a situation calls for a religious ritual, balian may also be tasked with calling on to mediate and bring about peace. 

If you’re seeking for a Balian healer who specializes in anything specific, such as migraines, heart disease, physical injuries, or love spell removal, just do a search online; they’re everywhere on Bali.

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The different kinds of Balian – Balinese Healers

Balian tulang

A healer that specializes in repairing damaged “tulang” (bone in Bahasa Indonesia). If a friend or family member has bone difficulties, several Balinese opt to go to a Balian tulang rather than undergo surgery. This option is far less expensive than medical procedures, and many people have reported being miraculously healed following a series of therapies administered by the Balian tulang.

Balian manak

A midwife in charge of assisting other women during the delivery process (manak in Balinese means “to give birth”). The existence of Balian manak is significant in remote communities where there are no hospitals or clinics. Concerns about hygiene and the use of standard procedures don’t stop Balian manak from helping to deliver many healthy babies. Balian manak are taught through government-funded programs to provide better care to expectant mothers.

Balian tenung


A member of Bali’s elite who is skilled at foretelling the future, interpreting the past, and making predictions. It is common practice, however, for a Balian tenung to use their psychic abilities abilities to aid their clients in finding lost items or uncovering criminal activity.


Balian terang

Bali’s pleasant tropical climate means that outdoor weddings and other celebrations are frequently held, but an unexpected downpour can quickly ruin things if no preparations have been made. If you want to stop the rain from falling, you might want to hire a Balian terang. If you want them to come to your event, meditate, and pray to the spirits who control the weather and use plates of fire whose rising smoke to push clouds away, you’ll have to fork over about $250 USD. Remember that no matter the weather, you won’t get your money back.

Balian usada

The one who can cure and heal the sick. Most often, they will have a large number of lontar collections that detail various natural medicines and therapies available. It is not uncommon for them to have a special garden in their residential compound where they cultivate a wide variety of medicinal plants. The balian usada will collect ingredients from their garden and make a potion called “Loloh” or a thick mashed paste called “Baboreh” to apply to the affected area of the body. If a balian doesn’t have all of the ingredients for a remedy on hand, they will usually send the patient to the local bazaar to procure what they need.

Balian paica

Similar to balian usada, but instead of using natural ingredients as the medicine, they use sacred family relics that have been passed down from generation to generation. Before the healer begins chanting mantras and praying with family relics, the patient must perform certain offerings for the ritual.

Balian apun, Balian urat

The healer who will be able to help anyone who has a problem within their internal organs by removing lumps and other obstructions, so that blood and other vital fluids flows well within blood vessels.

Balian kebal

Specializes in providing magical charms or spells to protect anyone from spiritual attacks, hexes and curses, to become invulnerable.

Balian taksu

Spirit mediums are sought out by people who wish to make contact with recently deceased loved ones. In order to help you, the balian taksu will go into a trance and open himself or herself up to the spirits, allowing you to have a conversation with the expected soul while the balian is in a trance.