Bali provides all the healthcare you need

When visiting tropical islands surrounded by the ocean, travelers might worry about locating suitable healthcare facilities. However, there are numerous clinics, hospitals, dentists, and other services in Bali that adhere to strict international standards of practice, so there is no need to worry about a lack of facilities in tourist areas. In fact, in recent years, Bali has become a popular location for medical tourism, with more clinics and hospitals of the highest international standards opening on the Island of Gods.

Despite the medical costs being cheaper than in many other countries, good medical travel insurance is an absolute must. More info

There are plenty of SOS and 24/7 emergency clinics, particularly in popular tourist destinations. Convenience stores such as M-Mart, Circle-K, Alfamart, and Indomart all sell painkillers and other basic medical necessities.

Indonesia has two major pharmacy (APOTEK) chains (Guardian and Kimia Farma), with many locations in Bali, which offer a wide variety of medicines and can also provide advice, as these pharmacies have trained medical staff.

Bring photo identification, such as a passport or driver’s license, as it is required to be treated in any hospital in Indonesia.

Below you can find a selection of medical services in Bali that have a good reputation:

Hospitals in Bali

Clinics in Bali

Dentists in Bali

Cosmedical Centers in Bali

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