Arriving at Bali Airport International – DPS Denpasar

Once you landed at the international terminal, this is how you get through the airport:

  • It’s not a bad idea to move reasonably quick towards the arrival hall and maybe go to toilet after the immigration check. This will avoid you being last in the queue – which can be quite long
  • Keep your passports ready (6 months valid, enough space for the sticker)
  • Make sure you are aware and fulfil all travel regulations and visa requirements based on your nationality (passport).
  • Need a Visa on Arrival? If you did not get an electronic Visa on Arrival (VoA) before you left 8highly suggested), then go first to the counter and purchase one
  • If you have already obtained a visa abroad (e.g. eVoA, B211A) or if you hold a KITAS, or are a national of the ASEAN countries not staying longer than 30 days), then you can queue directly at specially assigned immigration counters.
  • It is always advisable to stay calm and polite with the officers. It#s their job to ask questions and sometimes they will take you aside to get some more information from you.
  • When you have passed through immigration go towards the conveyor belt (check the number on TV screens according to your flight number
  • Fill in The DIGITAL Custom Declaration Form – best BEFORE you board the airplane to Bali, otherwise you have to do it now at one of the very few PC terminals or with your phone (which sometimes does not work, if internet connection at the airport is bad)
  • Grab a trolley and collect your luggage, you might have to show the luggage tags to staff afterwards, so keep them.
  • Go through customs towards the exit sign and show them the QR code that you received when you filled in the Digital Custom Form.
  • Make sure you do not bring more then IDR 100,000,000 (ca. 7500 US$)
  • and of course…no drugs. You could end up enjoying an all-inclusive holiday in Bali’s Kerobokan prison for a very long time, or worse
  • You might have to put all your luggage and hand luggage through a scanner. If the officers don’t pick you for a luggage check you can exit the airport building – you are through!
  • There are official money changers (rates are OK) just when you get out, and plenty of ATM machines. You might need some Indonesian Rupiahs to pay the taxi. Best to get a little bit of IDR cash right here and then
  • If you haven’t ordered your Bali SIMCARD with Internet Data Package beforehand (can be ordered here), then you could get one at one of the booths just after you left the airport building (long queues, prices a bit high usually)
  • Outside, you will see MANY drivers and hotel staff holding up name signs as they wait and page for the guests who booked an airport pick-up to be dropped to their hotels and villas.
  • If you have arranged a pick up and you can’t find your name, don’t give up. The driver might just be sitting on the floor checking his whatsapp or playing a game. Always good to get the whatsapp number of your driver before your departure at home. The airport has free wifi, so you can easily reach your driver if you can’t find him and don’t have an Bali SIMCARD yet
  • If you have not yet arranged a pick-up, no problems, walk towards the TAXI SERVICE counter. They offer fixed prices. We do suggest to arrange a pick up from hotel or book a reliable airport pick up with us beforehand. Plenty of “freelance” drivers will otherwise approach you, that”s ok, but sometimes they will overcharge you and it can be quite overwhelming to get approached.
airport hotel pick up and drivers
airport shopping
Airport Shopping Area

Bali Airport Taxis

Official Airport Taxis at Bali Airport DPS work with a fixed price list and the price depends on the area you want to go to. You can find the counter after you have left the building and exited through the duty free area just outside. Tell the person at the desk your destination or hotel name, then he will tell you the price and give you a ticket number or assign a driver.

Arguing the price they quote is of no use, if you feel that the price is too expensive or if you think your hotel is not in Seminyak, but in Legian.

You pay the driver at the end of the trip.

You need to pay CASH to the driver AFTER he dropped you. So if you plan to get a taxi, remember to change some money at the money changer just behind you or pull some money at the ATM. Tipping is common but not a must.

Unless you have booked your pick-up an airport transfer beforehand there is no easy alternative. You CAN NOT get a metered taxi at the airport.

It can be a bit of a hassle to get a cab at the airport if you have not booked transfer service with your hotel. You will get asked by many “freelance” drivers that lure around the area, if you want their service.