Currency Converter in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

You can use this currency converter tool to get the official exchange rate for today. The exchange rate you get at money changers for changing cash are usually 2.5% – 3%  from the official exchange rates. 

Good to know

IDR = Indonesian Rupiah (Rp)

Sometimes local prices are shown:
Rp. 60K or 60T
(K and T = 1,000)

Largest Bill is IDR 100,000

The Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), also known as Rp, is the official currency of Bali and Indonesia.

Because every business is required by law to charge in IDR for their services, it is the dominant currency. However, you will still see rates published in US dollars, primarily in hotels and some activities. This is especially true for businesses that rely on large investments and have foreign investors as partners. The final price in IDR will then be calculated using the current USD – IDR exchange rate.

Due to the intensive trading of currencies, the exchange rate changes often during the week. As with other assets like gold or stock, this causes price fluctuations. Keep in mind that the exchange rate you get from your bank for Indonesian Rupia is not the same as the market price of a currency.