Leave some room for tchotchkes – shopping in Bali is half the fun.

Of course, we’ll need to save a little space in the bag for the gifts we want to bring back for our friends and family. We usually try to pack as much as possible into our luggage at the last minute before departure because of the amazing prices on items like clothes, arts and crafts, décor, and whatever else catches our eye.
Relax, we know you’re on vacation. It’s been said that going shopping is therapeutic, with the tension being alleviated and the mood being lifted by the comfort purchases. If you want to reduce the amount of stuff you bring on your trip and free up some room for new purchases, consider these brilliant suggestions.


7 Practical Packing Tips

  • To save space and avoid wrinkles, roll your clothes
  • Use packing cubes to compress 
  • Wear your shoes and pack flip flops
  • Form overlapping layers for pants, tops, and skirts.
  • Put bottles in zip-lock bags to prevent any accidents in transit.
  • Keep jewelry on you
  • Convert from heavy paper books and magazines to digital books




Beautiful rattan bags in Ubud art market

Some Tips for your Bali Packing List

Do Pack:

  • It’s hot and humid. Light coloured and breathable clothes. Have a look at our weather charts.
  • Something long for the temples: One long sleeve shirt and pants or long dress will be handy in case you want to attend a ceremony or visit a temple (at temples they usually hand you a Sarong in case you show up in shorts)
  • Something more classy for the evening.  Even though Bali is very very relaxed when it comes to dress code, even at the 5 start resorts, some nice restaurants, high-end clubs and lounges are a bit more strict. Shorts, tank tops and sandals are not always allowed. 
  • Sunscreen / sunblock is a must; however, this lotion/ spray can be quite expensive in Bali. The sun is powerful, and sunburn can be extremely unpleasant and even ruin a few days of your vacation if you are not careful.
  • Something to cover your head:  After you packed the sunblock (30+) we suggest to pack well fitted caps/hats especially for he little ones.
  • Swim wear, 3 sets minimum. So the wet stuff can dry while you go to the beach or pool again, and again, and again…
  • T-Shirts & shorts or summer dresses!! You might need 2 a day.
  • Proper sunglasses. Bali has cheap sunglasses, however you may want to pack your own since you never know whether they filter UV (unless you buy at a proper shop).
  • Toiletries & Amenities. To bring biodegradable products would be amazing and great for Bali’s environment. In all hotels you get Shampoo, Body Wash, and Soap.
  • Ladies, a decent selection of sanitary products is not always available.
  • Mosquito repellent is standard equipment in all accommodations and Bali has wonderful natural products to stop those pesky creatures. If you favor a special brand for your kids, then better to bring it along.
  • Medicine, Bring your own “home med-kit” if you require any special medications or treatments. Apps like Halodoc will deliver most prescriptions or generic quickly. Some brands are available at any pharmacy, but they are more expensive than the top health apps. Always carry a prescription with you through your travels.
  • Gadgets. Mobile phone & chargers. Things you can’t live without.
  • Small rucksack or daypack.
  • Reusable water bottle (or buy one in Bali, it’s good for the environment)
  • Passport (minimum 6 months valid!!!), return ticket, some cash, credit or atm card, Covid vaccination certificates
  • International Driving license (and your national license) if you want to rent a motorbike or car without driver.
  • Traveling with toddlers eager to swim? Bring waterproof diapers since they are impossible to find.

No need to bring:

  • Expensive Jewellery and watches. Nobody cares in Bali, and it’s safer to keep them at home. Particularly if you stay in a villa and not a hotel.
  • Formula milk, pampers and baby wipes are abundant – but a bit more expensive than at home. Always good to bring your stock for the first few days anyhow. These items are easily available in pharmacies and supermarkets (local and international brands). 
  • Toys, your kids have plenty of things to do in Bali. In many hotels and resorts you can find a small game selection, that will keep them buys during a rainy day. The small shops lining the streets of Bali sell enough little gadgets and toys your kids will enjoy during their holidays.
  • 2- 3 weeks Max. You can get clothes washed and get them back the next day.