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How to get a Tourist SIM Cards with Internet Package in Bali?

1.) The Very Best Option: Purchase the SIMCARD (physical or eSIM) already BEFORE you arrive in Bali online. Our premium Partner BIKAGO has an amazing offer that is also not restricted to 30 days and works with the most reliable Indonesian Network. Prices are VERY competitive and we have tested them thoroughly. Easy, transparent, reliable and hassle free!!! Get your SIMCARD / eSIM here.

2.) When you arrive in Bali and  follow the exit signs after customs you will find several Indonesian SIM CARD vendors who try to sell you one of their physical simcards with an internet packages. The type of providers at the airport and the prices for the internet packages are ever changing, so we can’t give you much insights here. And it can get quite crowded and chaotic, so it can be quite a hassle to purchase a SIMCARD at the airport. 

3.) You can also buy them in shops that can be found in the touristic areas, it’s a bit more difficult to find a shop in a remote area. However, not all of them are, let”s say, giving you the best price. So the more professional and trustworthy the shop looks like, the better. A hole in the wall shop might “not give you the best service”.

Do I need a prepaid SIM Card in Bali – Indonesia?

YES! it makes life so much easier. Tourists (non-residents) can only get Indonesian SIM CARDS that are usually valid for 30 days. Also, after they run out of data, you cannot top-up and buy another data plan. So you better choose the package that has enough GB for your holidays. 

Even though, free wifi is available in all hotels and almost all cafes and restaurants, even shops, it’s really helpful to be connected with your mobile also. it’s a must have if you want to have a smooth Bali experience.

The most helpful apps when in Bali are:

  • Google Maps (or wayze) to assist you to get from A to B
  • The Super App Go-Jek, which allows you to order motorbike taxis, car taxis, and get your food delivered, and much more (alternative: Grab).

Although you won’t have always a super-fast connection and best signal, especially in more remote areas, Bali’s provider coverage is quite impressive.


How to activate the Tourism SIMCARD?

When you buy a physical SIM Card at a vendor or SIM card booth, which comes with your new local phone number, they will usually help you to cut the SIM card into the fitting size for your phone. 

To activate the SIMCARD the seller will need your passport and IEM number of the phone. Usually the activation just takes a few minutes,

What data package to get with the SIMCARD?

Of course this depends on how long you intend to stay and how “active” you wish to be using your mobile data. Because the prices are not too expensive, rather aim high than buying a small package, that you then can’t top-up unless you get a card that is more flexible (like this one).

What does a SIMCARD in Bali cost?

Depends on the provider and the package. The prices are constantly changing also, so t’s a bit difficult to keep track of what’s out there. But expect anything between 15 to 30 USD depending on your package.

Which is the best SIMCARD provider in Bali?

There is no real champion here, and Indonesia has a wide range of providers. For Bali however we would recommend Telkomsel (simPATI). 

Telkomsel is considered the most-stable and widest signal coverage using  the simPATI provider offering the highest internet speed, in Bali, yet it could be slightly more expensive than other providers. 

Other ways to stay connected in Bali

Free Wifi

Most hotels, restaurants, and cafes offer free WiFi access. Although one can’t expect a super fast internet connection for streaming or downloading huge files, it will be good enough to meet your needs. Some mini markets even offer free WiFi, usually when they have table and chairs for customers looking to hang around for a while (Indomaret, Alphamart etc)

Co-working places

Digital nomads looking for a strong internet connection during their stay in Bali will be happy to know that there is a growing number of co-working spaces on the island. The professional co-working spaces provide probably the best internet infrastructure on the island, as they cater to remote workers who make a living by working online.

If overcrowded cafes are not an encouraging workspace for you, the rates of the co-working places usually go from a day pass package to a fixed amount of hours or monthly deal, which includes coffee, use of facilities, and printing or photocopy services.

Co-working in Bali