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No problem, you can purchase your Discount Card already and select the activation (date of your arrival). Like this you can book our partner villas and hotels in advance. You can choose the activation day within 4 months after your purchase. 

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Everything you need to know about your BaliCard - FAQ

  1. A small investment, big savings. You will recoup the cost of your card after just one or two visits to our partners.
  2. Gain access to some of best Bali has to offer, all partners are carefully selected and we guarantee the quality of their services and products.
  3. Experience the essence of Bali and more. is a member affiliate of the UN World Tourism Organization, supporting and promoting sustainable and culturally relevant development. That's why we have chosen partners that allow you to discover the true beauty of Bali and its people beyond what is typically showcased online.
  4. Get involved. For every BaliCard purchase, donates $1 to a sustainable development program in Bali


You can purchase your BaliCard by specifying the date of your visit within 4 months to activate of your BaliCard (Date of Activation).

Like this you can purchase the card already now and claim the discount for accommodation partners, if you wish to book rooms already ahead of your schedule.

The discount will be granted if your day of activity or day of check-in for accommodation bookings is within your card validity - your card does not need to be valid on the day you book.

No, the holder of a BaliCard will have their name associated with the digital card, which they will need to present upon arrival and reservation.

Up to 5 people. The benefits and discounts apply to the cardholder and 4 other guests, provided that the payment is made in one transaction (one invoice). Some  partners may be willing to extend the discount to more than 5 people, but you would need to be Verify this directly with the partner by contacting them.

For each partner, it may be slightly different depending on whether it's a restaurant, hotel, or activity. Details on how to book or claim your discount are always mentioned on the partner's page, which you can find in the list of partners.

1. Online Booking: Some partners provide a promo code for their online booking system. You will receive the codes in your confirmation email after purchasing the BaliCard.

2. Inquiry / Make a reservation: Some partners require you to contact them via email or WhatsApp to make a reservation.

3. Walk-in - go directly to the partner: Some partners you can visit directly without booking or reservation. Once you visit the partner, please inform the employees that you have a valid BaliCard so they can verify its validity and grant you the discount or benefits.

The employees of our partners have the right to check your identity, although this is generally not necessary.

The purchase of this card is non-refundable. However, you can request to change the activation date if you encounter an unforeseen circumstance or transfer the card to another name.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact our team. (email)

We strive to ensure a smooth experience for you. Communication issues between the management of the partner site and their staff are rare. In the event that such an issue arises and they do not accept your valid BaliCard, you can first ask them to refer to our website here, where the name of the location and its associated benefits are displayed, and to contact their supervisor for assistance. If they are unable to resolve the issue, please follow this procedure:

Don't worry, we will resolve this issue for you.

  • Take a photo of your receipt (ensure that the date and time are visible).
  • Ask for the name of the employee who refused to grant you the discount (so that we have a point of reference).
  • Send us your name, receipt, and other details so that we can arrange a refund for you of the amount you should have saved.

With years of experience and valuable feedback from our travelers, we have been able to carefully select partners with whom we can guarantee the best experiences to explore the most beautiful aspects of Bali. We prioritize quality to ensure your satisfaction.


Partners of may make changes to their benefits and discounts with a one month notice. Benefits may also cease abruptly in case of businesses closing or changing management.

Whenever possible, customers should check the updated list of partners or the benefits available to them on


Customers shall release from any liability in case of change or modification.

By using our website or services, customers agree to indemnify and hold and its affiliates, officers, agents, partners, and employees harmless against any claim, damage, loss, liability, cost, and expense, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising from or related in any way to your use of our website or services.