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The Benefit

10% Discount for Food & Beverage


Not valid for breakfast promotion package

The Experience

Experience Culinary Bliss at Blend Cafe Ubud. Immerse Yourself in a Cozy Oasis Where Artistry Meets Flavor, and Every Bite is a Journey of Delight. Savor Innovative Creations, Artisanal Coffee, and a Relaxing Atmosphere that Nourishes Your Soul. Whether You Seek Creative Inspiration or a Quiet Escape, Blend Cafe Ubud Offers a Space to Unwind, Reflect, and Savor the Simple Pleasures of Life. Enjoy a Unique Blend of Flavors and Ambiance That Elevate Your Dining Experience in the Heart of Ubud.

More Info

Blend Cafe Ubud

Booking & Location

Reservation & Claiming the Discount

Walk-in or reserve your table via WhatsApp and inform the staff you are a BaliCard holder to receive the discount.

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