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The Benefit

10% Discount on Batik Class

The Experience

Experience the Rich Tapestry of Bali at Phalam Batik & Souvenirs. Immerse Yourself in the World of Traditional Batik, Authentic Souvenirs, and Cultural Heritage. Discover Exquisite Handcrafted Pieces, Each Reflecting Bali’s Vibrant Artistry and Unique Stories. Phalam Batik & Souvenirs Invites You to Explore, Learn, and Take Home a Piece of Bali’s Rich Culture, Creating Memories and Keepsakes that Capture the Island’s Beauty and Spirit.

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Dyeing Method Class

1 Person-1,5 Hours 

IDR 450,000

(IDR 500,000)

Brushing Method Class

1 Person-2 Hours 

IDR 630,000

(IDR 700,000)

Phalam Batik & Souvenirs

Booking & Location

Booking & Claiming the Discount

Book and reserve the jewelry class via WhatsApp. Discount will be granted when you inform you are a BaliCard holder.

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