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10% Discount on Pottery Workshop

The Experience

Experience the Artistry of Setungku Ceramics. Immerse Yourself in the World of Handcrafted Pottery, Where Every Piece is a Unique Work of Art. Discover the Beauty of Traditional Techniques, Creative Designs, and the Earth’s Elements Transformed into Functional Art. Setungku Ceramics Invites You to Explore, Create, and Embrace the Timeless Craftsmanship That Blends Beauty, Utility, and Creativity, Creating Moments That Connect You to Bali’s Rich Ceramic Heritage.

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Pottery Workshop

Heal through creativity with the clay & explore your imagination

Setungku Ceramics

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Booking & Claiming the Discount

Book and reserve the Pottery Workshop via WhatsApp or Reserve Online Discount will be granted when you inform you are a BaliCard holder.

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