Bali – Indonesia Partial Lockdown (PPKM-Lv4) is Extended to 9 August 2021- Another Week Extension

3 August 2021

After considering the latest situation in many regions all over the country, President Joko Widodo decided to extend Partial Lockdown, so-called PPKM Level 4, to Monday, 9 August 2021. This regulation forced everyone to realize that new normal life measurements might need more time to be re-applied in Indonesia. The travel restriction for international visitors will also not be lifted for at least another week.

Several regions or cities in Indonesia will get special attention from the Central Government, Bali, Malang, Solo and Yogyakarta. High daily infection and mortality rates in these areas impacted the partial lockdown is indispensable to be implemented again. However, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Pandjaitan, was optimistic that the condition in these areas would be soon restored as all of the governors have been instructed to intensify the Covid handling in their regions.

These are several new points made for the extended partial lockdown in Bali:

  1. Those who are tested positive for Covid-19 are no longer allowed for self-isolation at home. They must be professionally observed and isolated in provided facilities or hospitals.
  2. The vaccination program in Bali is expected to be finished by September 2021. In addition, 10,991 health workers are scheduled to receive the third dose of vaccine (Moderna) this week, which is considered more effective in fighting new Covid variants. 
  3. The local authority will also intensify the tracing and testing program, especially to the suspects which more likely to have direct contact with the Covid patients.

Malls, shopping centres, worship places, public places and schools are still temporarily unavailable. Other regulations remain the same as the previous regulation; read here for details.

Latest Covid-19 statistics per Monday (27/7), 1044 new infections in Bali, made total cases 78.509. Recent recoveries at 770, in total 63.367 with 47 recent deaths were reported, in total 2231. While in Indonesia, there were 22.404 new cases, pushing down the total infections to 3.462.800 with 97.291 total deaths and 2.842.345 recoveries.

We hope this situation will be better soon, and once the travel restriction is lifted, an update will be presented on our website right away. Currently, Indonesia shuts down all borders for all international travellers until further notice.

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