Bali opens for tourism gradually, International Flights between Singapore and Bali start 16th Feb

updated 31st January 2022

Singapore Airlines starts flying directly to Bali International Airport (DPS) 16th of February, therefore quarantine in Bali finally becomes possible.

We expect more positive changes regarding the travel and quarantine requirements to be announced within the next few days; especially the list of nationalities that can arrive directly in Bali should be extended.

Update from 2nd Feb: It’s official, mandatory quarantine is now down to 5 days / 4 nights, starting 4th of February.  

Singapore Airline Flights Bali

Urgent Update from 2nd February.

Finally, the government has officially announced to reduce the mandatory quarantine down to 5 days (4 nights) starting 4th of February.

Also, like some sources have revealed, they PLAN to open that gateway into Bali for all (or most) nationalities and not just the 18 that are now on the list. The need to obtain a proper e-Visa before arrival will remain. And they will probably start only with 5 quarantine hotels in Bali. However, those official decrees have NOT been released yet. 

Singapore Airlines flies to Bali 16th February

According to a press release from Singapore Airlines, the carrier will start flying directly to Bali (DPS) starting 16th of February. 

The airline has clarified with the Indonesian officials the re-opening of this route and expects to fly daily.

Therefore, International travellers can book flights to Bali via Singapore from any of the many countries Singapore Airlines is flying to, including Europe. And, this means also, that quarantine in Bali finally becomes a possibility for travellers. Something that was only technically possible, because airlines were simply not flying.

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What does this really mean?

It’s a great step into the right direction, but more things need to be clarified. First, as per current travel regulations, only 18 nationalities are allowed to arrive directly in Bali from abroad (Overview of current travel regulations). This is a list that the government announced pre-omicron and therefore will probably be updated and expanded, maybe even declared ineffective.

At this point there are ongoing talks between the Indonesian COVID Task Force, the coordinating Ministry, and the Immigration officials. discussing following changes:

  • Singaporean citizens visa-free (travel bubble)
  • Mandatory Quarantine Reduced to 5 days (has been announced, we wait for official statement)
  • Quarantine in Hotels in Nusa Dua (will probably happen with 5star resorts first
  • Visit Visa B211A still necessary for the time being.

It is expected that these adjustments will be announced within the next few days after Chinese New Year.

Depending on the nationalities who would be allowed to arrive directly in Bali, these changes could finally be the first real step towards re-opening Bali. And then it’s just a matter of time until other airlines will follow.

Snippet from Press release from 28 January 2022 


Singapore Airlines (SIA) will resume daily commercial flights from Singapore to Bali from 16 February 2022.

SIA will operate the 337-seater Boeing B787-10 aircraft on this route. The Boeing 787- 10s features SIA new regional cabin products with 36 Business Class seats and 301 Economy Class seats. For more information on SIA’s new cabin products, please refer to Annexe B.
“The resumption of daily flights to Bali is part of SIA’s long-term commitment to grow Indonesia’s tourism industry. SIA passenger network currently covers 64 destinations in 34 countries, and we will do our best to promote Indonesia. Our services to Denpasar and Jakarta, will continue to provide flexibility to our customers who wish to travel to and from Indonesia,” said Mr. Alvin Seah, General Manager Indonesia, Singapore Airlines.
SIA continues to closely monitor demand and will adjust its network regularly to match capacity to demand.
Tickets for flights between Singapore and Bali are available for sales through the various SIA’s distribution channels.

List of Nationalities that are allowed to arrive directly in Bali – at the moment

We expect this list to be updated and extended soon. This is the latest regulation: NATIONALS with following PASSPORTS are technically allowed to take flights directly to Bali and quarantine in Bali in a hotel certified by the government (List of Quarantine Hotels in Bali) –

1. Bahrain

2. China

3. Hungary

4. India

5. Italy

6. Japan

7. Liechtenstein

8. Kuwait

9. Norway

10. New Zealand


12. Portugal

13. Qatar

14. South Korea

15. Saudi Arabia

16. Spain

17. Sweden

18. UAE