News: Jetstar’s first flight to Bali – the Wait is Over

March 14th, 2022

  • Jetstar’s first flight to Bali in two years takes off today, as the island welcomes back travellers quarantine free

  •  Recent sale saw highest number of Bali fares sold in five years

  • New campaign launched, partnering with local businesses who have been impacted by tourism halt

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More than 260 passengers are set to take off on Jetstar’s first flight to Bali in two years this morning, with travel restrictions for international visitors to the island easing.

Taking off on a Boeing 787 aircraft, this marks the first time Jetstar has flown to Bali since flights were grounded on 26 March 2020.

Since the news the island was reopening to travellers, demand for Bali fares has surged, with Jetstar’s recent Un-Bali-Vable sale featuring $99 fares, driving the highest number of seats sold to Bali in a single day in more than five years.

Jetstar Group CEO Gareth Evans said Bali has always been the most popular international destination in Jetstar’s network, with millions of people flying to the Indonesian island every year before COVID hit.

“We are very excited to return to Bali today after two long years, and we are confident that Bali will quickly regain its position as our most popular international tourist destination now that borders are open.

“Our recent Bali sale saw the biggest surge in bookings we’ve seen since 2016, and our recent surveys have consistently shown that Bali is still the top international destination people want to travel to.

“Pre-COVID, Jetstar operated up to 85 return flights per week to Bali, carrying more than two million customers each year and contributing almost two billion Australian dollars annually to the local Balinese economy.

“Today is an important milestone for us at Jetstar, and also for the local businesses in Bali who have been heavily impacted by the lack of tourism during the pandemic.

“We extend our thanks to the Indonesian Government for their support and look forward to continuing to work together to help the Balinese tourism industry bounce back as quickly as possible.”

As the largest international carrier into Bali, Jetstar has today launched a new campaign which partners with 15 local businesses on the island who have been impacted by the tourism halt over the past two years.

The “To Bali With Love” campaign will see messages of love, support and celebration from Jetstar customers to their favourite venues dotted right across the island, with $100,000 in advertising spend going directly to local businesses.

The messages will be displayed through media that is locally owned, helping to drive income to small Balinese businesses, and will be visible across drinks coasters, surfboards, take-out bags, beach towels, posters and umbrellas.

Jetstar’s flights from Melbourne will initially operate three times weekly, before ramping up in the lead up to Easter. Bali flights from Sydney and Perth are scheduled to recommence in early April, with flights from Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns and the Gold Coast scheduled for May.

Travellers into Bali are required to meet a number of requirements, as outlined by the Indonesian Government – including vaccination, PCR testing and proof of hotel bookings.