Update: Indonesia reacts to the Omicron Variant and increases Mandatory Quarantine

29th November 2021

Hong Kong and several African countries are temporarily restricted to enter  Indonesia.

Foreign nationals who come from or stayed in any of these countries within the last 14 days (effective from 29 November 2021) will be denied entry in Indonesia.

The mandatory quarantine for international travelers is now 7x24h following (effective from 29 November 2021 onwards) your arrival in Indonesia.

In response to the emergence of a new variant of Covid-19 B.1.1.529, so-called Omicron, the Indonesian government has enforced further travel restrictions for foreigners.

Current Updated Travel Restrictions

No Entry for 17 Countries

International travelers coming from following countries below can not transit or enter Indonesia due to pre-existing travel restrictions and adjustments to the Omicron Variant:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Botswana
  3. Eswatini
  4. Guinea
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Israel
  7. Kamerun
  8. Lesotho
  9. Liberia
  10. Malawi
  11. Mozambique
  12. Namibia
  13. Nigeria
  14. North Korea
  15. Somalia
  16. South Africa
  17. Zimbabwe

The e-visa and KITAS handling process for applicants from these countries above is also temporarily suspended.
Indonesian citizens traveling from the countries listed above can return to Indonesia following strict health protocols with a longer quarantine period of 14days.

Mandatory Quarantine now 7 Nights for foreign travelers entering Indonesia

The mandatory quarantine for eligible foreign nationals Indonesians (WNA) is now 7 x 24 hours (7nights / 8 days), with the second PCR taken one day before check-out.

Indonesians coming from restricted countries must undergo the mandatory quarantine for 14 x 24 hours.

This regulation has been published and will take effect on 29th November 2021.

Stay Updated

Traveling during these uncertain times due to the pandemic can be very challenging as the travel regulations of many countries, including Indonesia, keep being updated. We expect more restrictions to be put in place within the next few weeks.

You can always visit our website to check the latest travel & visa regulations. Click below: