Known For

  • Great Beach & Surf
  • Spa & massage
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping
  • Affordable hotels
  • Tattoo studios

Party and Surf at Legian

Legian is the extension of Kuta; most people find it hard to identify where is it Kuta or Legian, as both share pretty similar vibes. But actually, there’s one big difference between these two, Kuta is more likely to attract people during the day, while Legian is more sparkling during the night. Main roads of Legian are home for popular mega-clubs hosting fantastic DJ-performance daily. Unlike other places on the island, which normally charge high prices for alcohol, most of the clubs, pubs and bars in Legian are relatively serve ultra-cheap drink to cater younger crowd.

Accommodation, food, shopping, tattoo, surf schools and everything are generally affordable in Legian. It makes this area perfect for those travelling on a budget.

Legian Brief

Beach and Surf

The beach is full of chairs and loungers for rent, and vendors are everywhere. Many local and visiting families with children play in the water, which is safe but can have strong currents at times and usually is dirtier than in other places. Legian Beach’s, small and gentle waves and soft sand bottom make this a popular spot for people learning to surf, and there can be hundreds of surfers out on any given day, even if there are no waves. The long, flat Legian Beach is a great place for a walk or jog in the morning or at sunset.



Legian is packed with affordable restaurants, offering cuisine from every corner of the world. There are unlimited dining options to choose from, including good Indonesian places that serve food to the many locals working in Legian. If you are travelling on a tight budget, there are many street food vendors selling nasi bungkus start from IDR 5000. Proper meals served in clean restaurants starts from IDR 25.000, and fancy brunch or dinner in nicer restaurants usually starts at IDR 500.000.


Every night, streets of Legian light up and are filled with music and large crowds of party-goers who are up for anything. DJs and bands from around the world play nightly and drinks are cheap and plentiful. Many visitors hop from bar to bar, ending up in the bigger nightclubs as the night goes on. Lately, during every holiday season, especially Australian “Spring Break”, Legian and Kuta becomes a wild playground for youngsters who lost control for alcohol and drugs. It’s dangerous to become part of these games for many reasons. Bali’s drug laws are fierce, and officials are not afraid to make use of those laws when necessary. Read here to find out how wild Legian and Kuta’s nightlife.


You don’t need to worry when it comes to finding a good transportation service in Legian. The local government recently has provided numerous modern bus services to several places in Bali, including from the airport to Legian and other regions. Some restaurants, malls, hotels and spas even provide free shuttle for their customers. However, if you prefer privacy, hiring a car with driver is the best choice. And if you have experiences of riding a scooter, renting a scooter is fun, this is the best way to explore the island.


There are an incredible number of guesthouses, budget hotels, and affordable beachfront resorts in Legian. Many offer great value, and travellers on tight budgets are certain to find something that they like. Some luxury villas are located near Seminyak, mostly has a private pool and unique blends of Balinese and minimalist architecture.

Culture / History

Legian was once a small and undeveloped village, but as Kuta began to boom, tourists began moving north in search of a quieter place. As time passed, Legian grew and became connected to Kuta, with the two almost indistinguishable today. One major difference, however, is that while Kuta Beach has a street directly on it, Legian Beach is mostly only accessible from a few parking areas, through hotels, or by walking north from Kuta, which has kept it a bit quieter.


Legian Beach is a popular place to play soccer, beach tennis, or volleyball. At dawn and dusk, it is very popular with joggers. There are some excellent surf breaks here, which are slightly more challenging than those of Kuta.