The MUCH ANTICIPATED “Digital NOmad Visa” DID NOT COME as expected

It’s now called SECOND HOME VISA. More details here.

And at this point it is uncertain if it is even still available. Foreigners will have to provide a proof of funds of roughly USD 140,000.


For now the most suitable Visa for Digital Nomads is the B211A Visa. More details below.


Working Remotely vs Making Money in Indonesia

It’s important to understand, that Visas are usually tied to the “TRAVEL PURPOSE”. This has implications on what a visitor is allowed to do – and what not; and also could have tax implications.

As a nomad you want to be allowed to work online; that’s the basic premise. However you must know, that you CANNOT work for clients in Indonesia or get paid here. If you do this, you violate the very basic travel purpose and also the tax laws. So as long as you work for someone abroad and make money abroad, and receive the money in your account abroad, it’s ok. Technically it is still your responsibility to pay “taxes” in the country where you make the money or in that sense where you are a resident and therefore what address you have on your invoice.


What is the most suitable Visa for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers?

As long as you make sure you don’t violate the above, there are following main Visa options available that would allow you to live the life of a nomad or remote worker.

The Visit Visa B211A also sometimes called Social Visa, Cultural Visa (which is not really technical correct anymore). It is valid for 60 days, and can be extended twice for an additional 60 days each, giving you a total of 180days, without needing to leave the country. 

The Visa on Arrival and the B211A Visa, both now cover following travel purposes: tourism, government duties, business talks, purchasing goods, meetings, as well as transiting.


Other Visa options are available for living in Bali, yet they don’t really fall under the concept of “digital nomads” or remote workers:

If you are an investor then setting up a proper company and sponsoring an investor KITAS is the way to go.

If you get employed by a local company then you would need to get sponsored for a KITAS (work permit & temporary residency) by that company and can only work for that company within the job scope you are hired for.

Any information on this page is carefully researched. However we are not responsible nor liable for any information that might not be accurate or change.

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