april, 2024

Festival Semarapura 2024Klungkung RegencyKlungkung Regency, Bali(All Day) sun28aprAll Daywed01may

Event Details

The Semarapura Festival commemorates the Puputan War, the culmination of the Klungkung Kingdom’s resistance against Dutch colonial occupation in 1908, aimed at preserving independence. This annual event showcases Klungkung Regency’s rich traditional art performances. Alongside highlighting Klungkung’s distinctive products like endek cloth, silverware, and woven bamboo crafts, the festival also features captivating Balinese cultural performances, drawing visitors’ attention.

With over 650 participants, including performances such as solah barong sebarung and gong kebyar, as well as 120 stands exhibiting local artists, MSMEs, and culinary delights, the festival promises diverse entertainment. Moreover, it serves as a platform to promote Klungkung’s abundant tourism assets, including temples, beaches, and natural landscapes, encouraging tourism in the region.


April 28 (Sunday) - May 1 (Wednesday)