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Tumpek Uduh is important day in the Balinese Hindu calendar that is dedicated to agriculture, plants, and the environment. It is also known as Tumpek Wariga or Tumpek Pengarah.

On this day, Balinese Hindus perform various rituals and ceremonies to show gratitude and respect for the plants and trees that provide food, medicine, and other resources, and to ask for their continued protection and abundance. The word ‘uduh’ means plants or vegetation, and the day is often referred to as the Balinese ‘plant blessing’ day.

The main ritual of Tumpek Uduh involves a special offering ceremony known as ‘mekendek’, where offerings of fruits, flowers, and rice are placed in front of plants and trees as a sign of gratitude and respect. This ceremony is often performed in fields and gardens, and is intended to ensure a good harvest and healthy growth of crops.

In addition to the offering ceremony, there are also other rituals that are performed, such as purification ceremonies, prayers, and blessings, to ensure the health and well-being of the plants and trees, and to honor the important role that they play in Balinese culture and society.

Overall, Tumpek Uduh is a day to celebrate and honor the natural environment, and to recognize the importance of plants and trees in providing for the needs of the community. It is a reminder to Balinese people to live in harmony with nature and to care for the environment in order to ensure the sustainability of their way of life.


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