Finding a place to work in Bali with a community

A modern co-working space in Bali provides everything you need as a digital nomad and remote worker. These hubs are just the place to find like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals, creating a culture of mutual collaboration. Co-working Memberships can be bought for a day, a week, or monthly pass. Quite a few co-working places ask for a minimum consumption and don’t charge any fees.

What is Co-Working?

The co-working in Bali are usually a bit different from the co-working places that are common in urban city centers. In Bali it’s all very casual and they are often built around the concept of a cafe or restaurant, and open air – means not closed and air-conditioned rooms. While some co-working spaces do offer closed rooms or air-conditioned meeting rooms, this is still rare – for now. 

The digital nomads and remote workers living in Bali are looking foremost for strong and reliable internet connections and an atmosphere that allows them to sit and work for a few hours a day.  

The best Co-working Places in Bali

Co-living in Bali

As more and more digital nomads and remote workers choose Bali as their place to settle for a few months or longer the concept of co-living is also on the rise. These places are a mix of guest house or hotel, combined with a co-working cafe, and community activities such as seminars and net-working. It’s a great way for digital nomads who travel alone and come here for the first time to instantly be able to connect and make friends who can help with getting to know the ins-and-outs of living on the island.