If you plan to stay for a little while on Bali or even move here for business, work or retirement, it is absolutely essential to get a good medical insurance. The Balinese healthcare system and infrastructure has improved over the years, decent hospitals and doctors are available; and Singapore is reasonably near. However, it is of course important to be able to settle the bills – here in Bali or in other countries if you need to be treated outside of Bali.

Travel Insurance vs Health Insurance

A common misconception is to mistake travel insurance as your health insurance. If you “travel” outside of your home country the travel insurance is the right choice. If you decide to spend however a longer time in Bali or are actually moving here (working, investment, retirement), then you have to consider an international health insurance.

Travel Insurance with Covid19 Coverage

If you come to Bali and consider to get a reliable international medical insurance (incl. covid expenses coverage) you can sign-up for following insurance online. Price starts at USD42 for 4 weeks.

Travel Insurance with Covid-19
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Travel Insurance

Traveling to Bali, while still being a resident of your home country outside of Indonesia. For holidays.

Travellers might have a travel insurance that they paid for separately, or is part of their national health care package, or activated when paying for a trip with a credit card. These travel insurances usually cover medical expenses in countries OUTSIDE of your home country, and have restrictions when it comes to what they cover, and under what circumstances they pay for medical costs that occur while you are in Bali. Particularly when you decide to travel longer than 30 or 60 days you might fall out of their coverage. It’s important that you check the terms and conditions and are aware what applies to your travel insurance.

Medical Insurance when living in Bali
(or staying longer than what your travel insurance covers)

Digital Nomads, Working in Bali, Living in Bali

Medical Insurance for Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, Investors

When you stay longer in Bali than what is considered “travelling” you will have to consider an insurance that covers your medical expenses for that purpose. There are many insurances that offer “International Health Insurances”.

Since we get asked by many digital nomads, remote workers, freelancers and investors we did some research and decided to cooperate with a verified partner that offers an Insurance covering your medical expenses in Indonesia AND also at home (global coverage), which is affordable and reliable. The premium starts as low as USD 42 per month , depending on your age. 

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Medical Insurance when working in Indonesia

One of the conditions in applying for a KITAS is to have health insurance, which can shield you from having to pay unexpected and costly medical expenditures out of your own pocket. Your employer usually has to take care of this and will register you with the national health and social security services (BPJS).  However, it is always advisable to negotiate a package that includes a private medical insurance with global coverage and where you can also add your children and spouse. Or if your employer does not include this, to sign-up directly to make sure, you are properly covered.

Our verified partner offers great flexibility and affordable prices

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