Choosing the right education for your children

The schools in Bali provide exceptional education with a curriculum that is internationally recognized. Families of diverse backgrounds enroll their children of all ages in many of the different kinds of institutions on the island – some have a mission of sustainability, others are child-led, and there are schools that prioritize creativity. Every school you’ll find in Bali has its own distinct sense of community where your children get to meet people from all over the world.

There are also less expensive education alternatives to consider, such as online distance learning, home-based schools, and tutoring are examples of these options. Some schools also accommodate special needs pupils and personalize the curriculum for their students. It’s difficult to find a reputable school in Bali prior to migrating from your home country. The best case would be to do your research and work on a limited list of schools ready to look up upon arriving on the island.

List of International Schools in Bali