Social and Cultural Visa B-211 for Bali, Indonesia

Process to Get Social Visa B-211 (Visa Budaya)

  • You need to apply at an embassy or consulate outside of Indonesia before coming to Indonesia
  • Passport must be valid at least six months (no exceptions)
  • You need to have a sponsor letter from an Indonesian citizen or organisation. The sponsor letter will make the sponsor responsible for you during your stay in Indonesia. If you need a sponsor letter, click here
  • Copy of ID card of the sponsor
  • Two passport photos (3x4com)
  • A copy of the booking confirmation of your flight ticket, which indicates your date of arrival)
  • Pay the visa fee to the embassy or consulate
  • It usually takes 2-5 business days to process
  • Once you get the Visa you have 90 days to activate it with your arrival in Indonesia

Sometimes you might be asked for:

  • a bank statement showing enough funds to travel to Indonesia
  • return or onward ticket within 180days after date of entry
  • a copy of passport page with the entry stamp of the country where you apply for the Visa (if you are not in your home country)

If you wish to stay longer in Indonesia or Bali than 30 days and explore the country, then you can apply for a Social Cultural Visa (B-211 Visa Budaya). Many travellers consider coming to Bali or Indonesia for 30 days is too short. Because of their travel plans, it isn’t easy to do the process of getting a Visa on Arrival and then extending it here in Indonesia.

Also, a visa on arrival can only be extended once, but a social visa B-211 can be extended up to 4 times for 30 days without having to leave the country. Which means you can stay in Indonesia for up to 180 days.

However, you need a sponsor to apply for the Visa and also for the extensions!

The Visa is for example suitable for

  • Tourism
  • Social and family visits
  • Attending Seminars and short term trainings
  • Sourcing for business, meetings
  • Giving a speech or joining non-commercial seminars, related to culture and social topics

Not for Business or commercial activities and employment. Meaning, this Visa is not enough for yoga teachers, DJs and photographers who like to come to Bali and do what they love to do.

What does a social visa cost?

A sosial budaya visa costs roughly USD 50. Exact prices you will see on the websites of the embassies or consulates abroad.

Can I extend the Visa?

Yes, but it needs to be done together with the initial sponsor. 

Why do I need a sponsor?

By the law, the sponsor has full responsibility for you and your actions. The sponsor has to provide the sponsorship letter and a photocopy of the ID card. The sponsor’s name will be mentioned on the Visa. If you want to extend, you need the sponsor again. Changing a sponsor is possible, but an additional fee needs to be paid.

I don’t know anybody who can be my sponsor

Most reliable visa agents in Bali (and other places in Indonesia) can provide the sponsor letter and therefore become your sponsor, which is legal. To use an agents service for that makes things drastically easier, particularly when you want to extend the Visa later. You can contact Mr Yusak, a visa agent with whom we have worked for years if you need a sponsor letter or to organise an extension.

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