Buleleng is home to stunning waterfalls, thriving ecotourism initiatives and diverse marine ecosystems.

Buleleng, located in the North of Bali, has been making strides towards quality and sustainable tourism in recent years by balancing tourism development with the preservation of its natural and cultural heritage. The region is home to stunning waterfalls, thriving ecotourism initiatives and diverse marine ecosystems. More than 10 best waterfalls in Bali are located in Buleleng. In only few kilometers apart, you will find impresive waterfalls each uniques to explore.

The trill starts in Sekumpul Waterfall with their uniques, which is often referred to as the “hidden gem” of Bali. This majestic waterfall is a combination of seven cascades, creating a breathtaking sight as the waters plunge into a lush ravine surrounded by dense forest 80 meters tall. The trek to Sekumpul Waterfall is an adventure in itself, involving a scenic hike through rice terraces, crossing streams, and navigating through verdant jungles.

Gitgit Waterfall, which is located in the plateau area. This iconic waterfall is a series of three cascades, each offering a unique view of the rushing waters against the backdrop of lush greenery. The tallest of the three cascades stands at an impressive height of around 40 meters, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that is perfect for photography and relaxation.

Banyumala twin waterfalls are another beautiful sight, cascading over rocks and gorgeous blue lagoon pool in the jungle of tropical balinesse setting.

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Munduk Waterfall on the highlands, at an elevation of approximately 800 meters above sea level has the water flows down through lush vegetation and rocky cliffs, creating a stunning sight and a soothing sound.

Munduk Waterfall is not only a natural wonder but also holds cultural ecotourism significance. The area around Munduk is known for its traditional agriculture practices and farming communities, and the waterfall is considered sacred by the locals. Visitors are encouraged to show respect and follow the local customs and guidelines when visiting the waterfall, such as dressing modestly and not polluting the environment.

Further, The Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation is a popular agro-tourism destination in Buleleng that offers visitors a chance to learn about the process of coffee production, from the plantation to the cup. Visitors can stroll through the lush coffee fields, interact with local farmers, and witness the traditional methods of coffee processing, including roasting and grinding. The plantation also practices sustainable farming methods, such as organic farming and water conservation techniques, to ensure the preservation of the natural environment.

In Buleleng the local community has been empowered to take steps to promote responsible tourism, including conservation efforts, waste management, and community based tourism initiatives.

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