Indonesia’s Outreach to Australian Tourists

Bali, October 29, 2023

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) successfully held the @WonderfulIndonesia Festival 2023 Melbourne Australia, on October 22, 2023.

Indonesia is reaching out to Australian tourists with a clear message: while Bali remains a beloved destination, there’s much more to explore in the country.

The government has identified five other potential tourist destinations they hope Australians will consider. This comes as part of an initiative to manage and diversify tourism, ensuring that Bali remains a sustainable and enjoyable destination for all.

Source: Kemenparegraf

melbourne wonderful indonesia

Deputy for Marketing at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ni Made Ayu Marthini (center) opened the @WonderfulIndonesia Festival 2023 Melbourne which was marked by a ribbon cutting, Australia, Source: Kemenparegraf

Bali and Beyond: Indonesia’s Call to Responsible Tourism

“We hope that this direct interaction can bring visitors to become loyal fans of various tourist destinations in Indonesia. “In this way, it will be easier for Wonderful Indonesia to inspire Australian audiences in planning tourist trips to Indonesia,” said Deputy Tourism Minister Ni Made Ayu.

Ni Made Ayu Marthini emphasized, stating, “It’s time to promote more.” She highlighted new regulations introduced to manage tourism in Bali, where Australians are the predominant foreign visitors.

These measures include a comprehensive guide for tourists on appropriate behavior, a hotline for reporting unruly tourists, and a dedicated task force to oversee foreign visitors’ activities.

“Through this festival, we invite the audience to become responsible tourists, that it is important for them to respect the laws, customs and culture of the destinations they visit. “So that in the future we will maintain peace and harmony in the places we explore,” said Ni Made Ayu. 

Starting from February 14, an approximate tourist tax of $15 (IDR 150,000) will be implemented for international travelers.


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In an interview with, Ms. Marthini conveyed that Australians have always been and will continue to be welcome in Indonesia. However, she urged them to be mindful and not misuse the renowned Indonesian hospitality. She emphasized the importance of tourists familiarizing themselves with their destination, whether in Indonesia or elsewhere.

Highlighting specific guidelines, Mrs. Marthini mentioned that tourists should avoid wearing bikinis in temples and always wear helmets when riding motorbikes. She elaborated, “If you ride a motorbike, just as in Australia, you should have a helmet and a license for your safety as well as that of other motorists.” Similarly, she added, “If you visit a temple, akin to visiting a church or a mosque, dress respectfully.”

Mrs. Marthini acknowledged that while there have been instances of tourists behaving inappropriately in Bali, the responsibility doesn’t lie solely with the visitors. She expressed that perhaps they hadn’t adequately informed tourists of their expectations in the past.

A Mutual Understanding
Indonesia’s outreach to Australian tourists is not just about diversifying tourism but also about fostering mutual respect and understanding. As Indonesia opens its doors wider to tourists, it hopes that visitors will reciprocate by respecting its rich culture, traditions, and laws.