5 July 2021

The government of Indonesia is in the process of defining several new regulations concerning international visitors wanting to visit Indonesia.

Instead of 5 days mandatory quarantine in Jakarta, visitors have to follow 8 days quarantine in a hotel that is officially qualified by the government to handle the strict protocols.

And in addition, now visitors from abroad must be FULLY VACCINATED. At this point these regulations have not been confirmed by all stakeholders. But we expect, that those restrictions are going to be officialized and put in place very soon.

The spokesperson for the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Jodi Mahardi, said that the government would enact several new regulations that would impact travel requirements for international travellers. “All foreigners who come to Indonesia, starting on 6 July 2021, must show a vaccine card (fully vaccinated) and a negative PCR result for Covid-19 before entering Indonesia,” said Jodi Mahardi in Jakarta, Sunday (4/7/2021).

He further explained, that “the quarantine regulation, both for foreigners and Indonesians, will be extended to eight days with two PCR tests, one upon  arrival and the second on the 7th day,”.

This regulation is expected to be active starting 6th of July until further notice. All of the quarantine costs, 2x PCR tests and other expenses must be paid personally by the travelers.

Tighter Covid regulations in Indonesia

 Indonesia is currently experiencing a surge in Covid-19 cases as well as the new variants, Thus, beside tightening the regulations regarding visitors from abroad, the government is taking additional measures to mitigate the spread of the virus by implementing stricter social restrictions in Java and Bali such as closing tourism attractions, limiting the opening hours and closing non-essential businesses until the 20th of July.

In addition, also domestic travelers will have to be fully vaccinated to travel between the islands. The details of these new regulations are still unclear and we expect the government to officialize and execute these changes very soon.

Coming Back Soon

Due to the Covid Situation unfortunately we cannot offer you at the moment tour and transportation services.

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