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Order your Prepaid Bali SIMCARD / eSIM before arrival. Absolutely Hassle-Free! 

Nationwide TELKOMSEL 4G / LTE Network. Best in Bali.

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Prepaid SIMCard by Bikago – premium partner.

  • Buy online – no need to queu and waste time at airpiort or looking for resellers on the street
  • Get the best Network for Bali (Telkomsel / Simpati)
  • Choose between eSIM or a physical SIM (collect at airport or get delivered to Hotel/Villa)
  • Can be topped up online if you need more data (other local SIMcards usually cannot be topped up)
  • Unlimited validity, great for digital nomads and long-stay tourists (local SIMcards usually limied to 30days) 
  • Very Flexible Data Packages and competitive prices
  • No hassle and queuing at the airport
  • 24/7 Support

How do I get the Bali SIMcard from Bikago?

Order online, choose between 3 main options, and get connected in Bali with a reliable and affordable Internet Package:

  1. Order eSIM card (no physical SIMcard needed), immediately activated upon arrival, no IMEI registration needed, top-up and payments conveniently online.
  2. Order physical SIMCARD & Collect it at the airport when you arrive (no queueing)
  3. Physical SIMcard can also be delivered to your Hotel or Villa (small fee)

You can also pre-order and get pick-up your physical SIMcard at one of 10 Bikago outlets. In case they are located nearby your hotel, that can be an option for some of you. 

Prices & Options

What data package should I get for the Bali SIMCARD?

Of course this depends on how long you intend to stay and how “active” you wish to be using your mobile data. If you don’t intend to stream movies or watch a lot of youtube but want to stay connected and use the map & transportation apps, stay online on Whatsapp or Telegram and chck your emails, then we suggest 3-5GB per week is enough.

Price Box linked to BikagoMobile:

prices simcards in Bali internet connection GB

Why do we suggest to get a BikagoMobile SIMcard?

We have observed the SIMCard business for tourists since a very long time, and to be honest, with some frustration. For the longest time we did not endorse or work with any special provider or reseller, we simply informed about the options that were available.

Why? Many of the resellers that have their little booths outside the arrival hall at the airport are overpriced or are not transparent, many offer a sloppy service because it’s super rushed, it takes ages to queue and get connected at the airport, data packages cannot be topped up if needed, no afterservice if something is inclear – it’s a hassle.

The SIMCard vendors and little shops that line the streets of Seminyak and other popular areas might or might not offer you the best service, and a fair price of course. Some tourists get highly overcharged because they are new to Bali and don’t know their way around.

We have worked with BIKAGO as our premium partner for years, we know the teams and have tested all their products and services. The BIKAGO Mobile SIMCARD is finally a product that solves the hassles, with the best network in Bali, fair prices for their internet packages. If you are fond of reliability and convenience, we suggest you get the Bikago SIMcard ordered before you arrive at the airport. 

Easy, transparent, reliable and hassle free!!! Order your SIMCARD / eSIM online.

What is an eSIM card?

An eSIM Card (embedded SIM) is a type of SIM card that is embedded directly into a device, rather than being a physically removable card. eSIMs are becoming increasingly popular in smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices. 

To use an eSIM, the device must be compatible with it, then the user will need to activate the eSIM by scanning a QR code or by inputting a code from the mobile network operator. Once the eSIM is activated, the user can connect to the mobile network and use the device as normal.

eSIMs work in the same way as traditional SIM cards, but they offer several advantages. 

  1. One of the main benefits of eSIMs is that they allow users to switch between different mobile network operators without having to physically change their SIM card. This can be done by updating the device’s settings or by downloading a new profile from the mobile network operator.
  2. Another advantage of eSIMs is that they are more secure than traditional SIM cards, as they cannot be physically removed or replaced without the device owner’s knowledge. This makes eSIMs less susceptible to SIM-swapping attacks, where a hacker takes control of a phone number by replacing the SIM card without the user’s knowledge.
  3. eSIMs also help device manufacturers to design more compact and lightweight devices, as the need for a SIM card slot is eliminated. This makes them more convenient for users and also make the device design more simple.