Animal Welfare & Animal Entertainment – those things don’t really co-exist, at best very, very rarely

In a nutshell – There is no real animal welfare when it comes to Animal Entertainment

Read the latest Report in Animal Welfare by the animal welfare organization WORLD ANIMAL PROTECTION looking into Bali and Lombok. As a reaction to this report, we have decided to not list animal entertainment venues and experiences anymore. 

world animal protection
animal welfare elephants bali has decided to not promote or feature any animal entertainment businesses in Bali due to the report of World Animal Protection

Entertainment Business with Animals in Bali – no life without suffering

It is very very hard to keep animals, wild animals in particular and avoiding them to suffer, as the report from World Animap Protection has highlighted. And to run and animal entertainment business is even harder. While some entertainment businesses are better than others, it’s hard to really know, what is really going on with these animals. That’s why the voice of the experts of World Animal Protection is so important.

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We do NOT support:

  • Dolphin encounters of any sort, dolphin tours in a boat (mainly Lovina bay)
  • Elephant Riding Adventures
  • Photos and Selfies with Animals
  • Manta, Whaleshark and Mola Mola dives with touching
  • Kopi Luwak plantations (most are keeping the Luwak in small cages, forcing them to eat the coffee beans all the time, which is only a tiny part of their natural diet).
  • Turtle island and so many other turtle “rescue sanctuaries”
  • Wild animals in cages
  • Horse Riding (depends on the stable), some are good, most are not
  • Dancing Monkey Entertainment
  • Big Game & Sport Fishing, Spear Fishing
photos with animals against animal welfare

Photos with Animals

Particularly in the more rural areas of Bali, you will find plenty of places where you can take pictures with wild animals. The condition of the animals is mostly bad, and they are traumatised from being dragged into the sunlight and forced to stay still, while tourists pose for a selfie. 

Nothing unusual – unfortunately

Bali is no different from other countries in the world, where animals are mistreated for the sake of entertaining people and making profits. The tourism industry is of course also part of this practice. This sad phenomenon is not just widespread in developing countries, but it’s also seen all over the world. Zoos, circuses, and animal parks are very often at the core of the problem. In Bali, sadly, many wild birds are still caught and put into cages. There are still horrific animal markets, trading with poorly kept animals, often caught in the wild. 

animal welfare bali bird caged

You have a Choice

As a visitor to Bali, you have the choice. The power to decide which establishments and activities you visit and therefore support. A business that does not have customers will either change their approach or has to shut down. IN response to the research done by World Animal Protection decided that we will not list, the animal entertainment establishments. We are aware that some establishments are doing their best, have good intentions and feed families and have life animals they need to feed too. But we are not experts enough to know what is what. So we decided to withdraw completely. 

Some things are very clearly violating animal welfare practices. There is no way to keep dolphins in captivity in a proper way. Any direct contact with and petting of big cats are also by definition wrong. A dancing monkey might be funny for the simple mind, but the suffering of the animal is real and constant. Breakfast with an Orang Utan? We are sure that’s not what this magnificent creature really enjoys. And riding an elephant has been widely recognised now, as practice one should not support anymore. 

Again, we are no animal police and no experts in this field. We did not and cannot visit all the places that make a living by using animals. Therefore, this is a subjective and personal decision of the people behind this website. Every visitor to Bali is free to decide on their own, what to do and not to do and see whether they would treat their dog or cat at home like that.


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