Offshore Express Service (5-7 working days) 

USD 425 | EUR 350 | AUD 600 | IDR 6.000.000

  • You are applying for a singly-entry Business Visa, valid for 60 days.
  • This visa is for people currently NOT staying in Indonesia (offshore service).

Please note all the form fields below are mandatory before clicking SUBMIT
All documents must be in English

This visa can be extended 4x for 30 days each

Personal Details

Passport Details

Supporting Documents. Proper Photo or Scan, no fingers, no flash, no edges. Clear and crisp.

PASSPORT OUTSIDE COVER. Yes, the cover. Please find a sample here

please upload a proper scan of your PASSPORT COVER as JPG or PDF. Yes, the COVER

PASSPORT MAIN PAGE, the one with your photo on it, (both pages when opened up). Please find a sample here

Proper Scan of the passport page with your picture and personal details (PDF or JPG)

Signature of bearer (please note depending on where your passport is issued, signature might appear on a different page)

Colour Photo Studio in 4x6 size (Not a regular photo taken with handphone camera)
Taken in formal clothes or shirt

Government Regulations

- The submitted information and the attached documents are factual and accurate;

- During my visit, I will not carry out dangerous activities or violate the prevailing laws & regulations;

- I will not abuse the immigration permit given;

- I am aware that the inappropriate the use of visas and activities can be a criminal offense as regulated in Law No. 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration;

- I will comply with the health protocols, agree to go into quarantine upon my arrival (subject to the the law and regulations imposed by the Indonesian government for the health quarantine), and to be monitored by the local health authorities;

- I have an international health insurance that covers the medical expenses occurring for COVID-19 treatments are needed, and/or I am willing and able to pay for the expenses occurring during a COVID-19 treatment; 

- I will provide a valid health/medical certificate issued by a competent local health authority in my country of origin (negative COVID-19 PCR test) issued no later than 2 x 24 hours prior to arriving in Indonesia (subject to the law and regulations imposed by the Indonesian government at the time of entry);

Terms & Conditions

We live in uncertain times, and rules and regulations can change unfortunately quickly, which is beyond control. So here are two main risks when applying for a visa and planning your trip to Bali.

The government could technically change the regulations any day, and deny the arrival of anybody coming to Indonesia, even if they have a valid visa. Also, the immigration can deny your application, without giving any reasons, this happens extremely rarely, but it is heard of. 

Therefore please check our terms & conditions before you apply:

  1. -Once the visa application is in process, it cannot be cancelled, and no refund of the fee can be granted (no refund provided).
  2. -Only once you completed the payment, we can start to process of your visa application with the immigration officials. 
  3. -The immigration has the right to decline your application without giving any reason. In such as case no refund can be given.
  4. -We adhere to Indonesian immigration rules and regulations. We are not responsible if there is any sudden changes published by the immigration, which may cause a delay or rejection for your application or entry into the country or any immidiate changes (no refund policy).
  5. -In case of any delay in the process, such as but not limited to: closure of immigration office, problems with the technology, public holidays, etc,  Bali.com is not responsible for any delays occurring.

Read the full terms & conditions here