Visit Bali during COVID

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Visit Visa

  • Single Entry
  • 60 days valid (incl day of arrival)
  • extendable (4 x 30 days), added cost USD 50-70 per extension, while in Bali

Before applying, please read carefully the information below about restrictions and mandatory quarantine in Jakarta!


Due to the current covid situation, on short notice, the Indonesian Immigration office has reduced its service hours for the time being. We do expect therefore a delay of processing time of the visa. We will keep our applicants informed about any updates. 

Apply for e-Visa to visit Bali during Covid and stay up to 180 days

Must-know facts and process details

How do I get the Visa? Can everybody apply?

Please see above the most suitable e-visa option for you. Then fill up the necessary information through the online forms and get ready to pack your bags.

But first, allow us on this page to guide you through the steps of how to apply and how to get to Bali via Jakarta, and what are the covid and quarantine requirements. Please take your time to read it carefully.

How much does it cost to get to Bali during Covid?

Aside your flight from your home destination, these are the approximate additional costs in USD per person:

  • Visit Visa USD 285 (USD 425 for express service)
  • Quarantine in Jakarta USD 750-1000 (included 7 nights, 3 meals, 2 PCR tests, airport transfer to hotel). If you travel with a companion and share a room, the cost for the package get cheaper (double occupancy)
  • Flight Jakarta to Bali USD 50-100
  • Transportation from hotel to airport USD 15-20
The 10 steps to take to come to Bali
  1. Read the information on this page carefully and Decide when and for how long you wish to come to Bali
  2. Prepare your documents and Submit your documents online on the offers above
  3. After we have checked the documents, you will receive the bill and payment details. Please transfer the fee to one of our bank accounts
  4. Once we received the money we will process the visa request with the immigration and handling agent
  5. Latest 3 weeks later you will receive your e-visa by email from us ( or book the “7-working-day express service” for IDR 6mio )
  6. That’s the best time to confirm your flight to JAKARTA. 
  7. Book your Quarantine Hotel and quarantine package in Jakarta for 7 nights
  8. Arrive in Jakarta with the e-VISA and te downloaded eHAC app
  9. Stay 7 nights in Jakarta Hotel. For more info about the quarantine here 
  10. Book your flight to Bali from Jakarta and Arrive in Bali and enjoy paradise
How does the Mandatory Quarantine in Jakarta works?

Bali has imposed a 7 nights quarantine in Jakarta for every traveler entering Indonesia. After the quarantine you are basically free to travel anywhere in Indonesia. The government has appointed a list of hotels in Jakarta that handle this quarantine and offer full packages for this service ranging from USD 750-1000 including meals and tests.

Click here for more details about the quarantine in Jakarta and how to book your hotel

I am vaccinated, do I still do the quarantine?

YES! For now Indonesia has not implemented any regulations, that consider a special treatment for vaccinated visitors.

What documents do I need?

Actually you don’t need much.

  • scan of your passport cover (yes, cover!)
  • scan of your main passport page (the one with the photo)
  • scan of signature of bearer (please note depending on where your passport is issued, signature might appear on a different page)
  • Full vaccination card IN ENGLISH
  • Additional documents such as sponsor letter is provided by the handling agent.
  • and of course, your personal contact data such as address, phone number etc.
  • PCR Test is no longer needed for Visa Application, however you will still need it for your flight to Indonesia after your visa application is approved. Regulations might be changed without prior notice by the Indonesian authority.

MAKE SURE YOUR PASSPORT IS VALID AT LEAST 8 MONTHS from the day of entry to Indonesia, better 12 months! 

How do I pay after I applied?

Payment is easy. To save you costs on international banking fees, you can transfer the visa fee to our bank accounts in:

  • Australia in AUD
  • Canada in CAD
  • EU in EUR (convenient SEPA transfer). Also works for Norway, Switzerland, Monaco)
  • New Zealand in NZD
  • Singapore in SGD
  • UK in GBP
  • USA in USD

Or you can also wire the money directly to our local bank in Indonesia in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

The bank details and account numbers for the options above, will be stated on the bill that will be sent to you after your documents are checked. 

What e-Visa am I applying for and how long is it valid for?

You are applying for a VISIT VISA – type BUSINESS VISA with the code B211A. SInce you are applying from outside of Indonesia it’s often also called OFFSHORE Business Visa (not its official name), while any visa now issued while visitors are already in Indonesia are called ONSHORE Visas.

It’s a Single entry e-VISA for the purpose of

  • Humanitarian activities
  • Volunteering
  • Family reunion
  • Business or Investment visit
  • attending trainings, seminars, workshops, exhibitions or meetings 

Even though the visa is called a business visa, it’s NOT A WORK PERMIT and does not entitle you to take or have a job in Indonesia, that pays you a salary or provides an income.

You can however have business meetings, do networking, explore investment opportunities, sourcing products…and of course, chill at the pool or beach.

After the e-Visa is issued, you need to arrive in Indonesia latest within 90 days. Otherwise it will be void. The initial visa is valid for 60 days (count the days including your day of arrival and day of departure).


This Visa can be extended four times for 30 days each while you remain here on the island. The you can purchase the extensions also here on soon. The expected cost per extension will be around IDR 1,000,000.

There is another VISIT VISA which is called SOCIAL VISA (Visa Budaya), which is very common and very similar, but cannot be issued these days.

What else do I need to know beforehand? What could go wrong? What are your terms and conditions?

We live in uncertain times, and rules and regulations can change unfortunately quickly, which is beyond control. So here are two main risks when applying for a visa and planning your trip to Bali.

The government could technically change the regulations any day, and deny the arrival of any applicant coming to Indonesia, even if they have a valid visa. Also, the immigration can deny your application, without giving any reasons, this happens extremely rarely, but it is heard of. 

Therefore please check our terms & conditions before you apply:

  1. Once the visa application is in process, it cannot be cancelled, and no refund of the fee can be granted (no refund provided).
  2. Only once you completed the payment, we can start to process of your visa application with the immigration officials. 
  3. The immigration has the right to decline your application without giving any reason. In such as case no refund can be given.
  4. We adhere to Indonesian immigration rules and regulations. We are not responsible if there is any sudden changes published by the immigration, which may cause a delay or rejection for your application or entry into the country or any immidiate changes (no refund policy).
  5. In case of any delay in the process, such as but not limited to: closure of immigration office, problems with the technology, public holidays, etc, is not responsible for any delays occurring.
  6. We are not responsible for the failed extension process if the applicant does not send us an email notification latest 10 days upon arrival in Indonesia.

We hope we could clarify all the steps and give you the information you needed. If not, you can send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.