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Yoga has become increasing a natural alternative to conventional medicine, as a way to reduce stress, increase health and loose those extra unwanted pounds. Yoga might have originated in India hundreds of years ago, but it’s the magnetic island of Bali that’s become the yogi’s preferred destination in the region. It’s the texture of spirituality, as much as the physical beauty of the island, that makes Bali an ideal sanctuary for learning and practicing yoga.

There is probably no better place on planet earth for practising yoga, than on the Island of Gods

Find calm in the lush green nature, enjoy inner peace on the mountains, get sweaty at the beachside or practice Yoga on a SUP. You have endless ways to experience mind, body and soul. And you know the best part? You will not be alone. There is a vast community of yogis from all over the globe who gather regularly in Bali. The main Yoga centre is in Ubud, north of Sanur. Surrounded by rice fields and dense forest areas, it is never hard to find the way to the next inspiring yoga class. Just follow any Yogi carrying a matt, and you are sure to find yourself near a yoga class. Everyone in this Yoga capital is super friendly, and you will not be disappointed when you ask someone about Yoga classes or in general about travel on the Island.

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After your professionally taught yoga class we would highly recommended to catch eye contact with your fellow yogis and stay open to continue this experience further. It is common to hang our in one of the dozen stylish, tasty vegetarian, vegan or raw food restaurants after class.

To deepen your yoga practice and take it to the next level one could consider a body treatment after class. Massages are available with unlimited options. You could connect with nature while being massaged in the middle of the rice fields or dive into the magic of the ocean during a relaxing session on a cliff with a breath-taking view. The traditional Balinese Massage is recommended just as much as a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage.

Bali has the most tasty yoga buffet one could possibly wish for. From Acro yoga to Areal, Ashtanga, Bikram, Flow, Hatha, Iyengar, SUP Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Sumits and many more, you will definitely be spoiled for choice! Whether you are still shopping around for your favorite style of yoga or you know your preferred taste, you will definitely not be limited in the choices and the level of experienced classes. Bali has it all!

If you need a more peaceful and withdrawn yoga experience, there are yoga opportunities where you are surrounded by silence and your focus is completely on feeling your inner being and a sense of deep peace. You can leave your class and not have to interact with anyone.

For the Surfer visiting Bali, you will be supported by a Yoga Surf community and yoga can become part of the journey too. Start your day with Sun Salutations at Sunrise at the beach and end the day with a Yin Yoga practice in the evening. Everything is possible.

Many of the Yoga schools provide retreats for several days offering 1-2 yoga classes daily. If you want to deepen your yoga practice or are inspired to teach yoga you can find many top quality Teacher Trainings which are recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

There are many yoga retreats on offer in Bali. One is spoilt for taste which one to choose. Almost all offer days away from your daily routine; 2 yoga classes a day, some tourist attractions, healthy vibrant meals and meditation. The highlight is usually the location; your entire being will get energized as your eyes take in the pure lush green living nature. The more magical and breath-taking retreats take place in Ubud or further up north, like Pemutaran.

In places like Ubud, new age pilgrims, from diverse backgrounds, come seeking asylum from a hasty fast track life, to retreat within the verdant landscape of Bali, to connect with a greater power. If you are staying in the cultural heart of Bali, with its tranquil and magnificent vistas, you really want to stop by one of the main Yoga Centers; Yoga Barn, Radiently Alive, Taksu or Intuitive Flow. All offer classes for any level, from complete baby beginner to acrobatic advanced.

Heading further south towards Canggu, Desa Seni and Samadi Yoga are trustworthy yoga centers with qualified teachers

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