Nusa Dua

Known For

  • 5-star Accommodation
  • Fancy restaurants
  • Watersports
  • Golf
  • Family-friendly
  • Surf spots
  • Spa

It’s All About Luxury

Nusa Dua is located on the east side of Bali’s Bukit peninsula and considered as the island’s most luxurious location. Most of the area is taken up by international hotels, resorts, and private villa complexes where the VVIPs come to stay and play. It also has many beautiful public beaches, which are worth a visit, even if you are not staying in the area. Prices here are slightly more expensive than in other places, so don’t be surprised if a beach chair and umbrella or fresh young coconut water cost one or two dollars more.

A wonderful setting of the 18-hole golf course, Bali National Golf Club is one of the most favourite destination for golfers in the island. Nusa Dua is the perfect place for travellers to pamper themselves, or simply just having a staycation in one of the fantastic resorts.

Nusa Dua Brief

Beach and Surf

Nusa Dua is famous for surf, but its waves break roughly one kilometre out to sea, and the ocean near the shore is gentle, with almost no tides or currents. A soft sandy bottom makes this a great place to swim for the family, and even for very small children. Further out, there are several popular surf spots here, including Black Stone, Mushroom Rock, and Sri Lanka, but the main attraction is Geger Beach. There are no lifeguards here, so anyone heading far out to the ocean should be careful. Surfers who want to give Nusa Dua a try should be prepared for some of Bali’s biggest waves, which can be reached by a long paddle or a short boat ride. These are not a surf spot for the inexperienced, and on many days, it can be very dangerous.


The name of the game here is luxury. While some homestay and budget hotel options are available in Nusa Dua and Benoa, most of the prime beachfront is taken up by hotel complexes, which offer white-sand beaches, gorgeous gardens, multiple swimming pools, and world-class dining. Private villas are also available.


Nusa Dua has a few excellent stand-alone restaurants, but most of the best dining options are in hotels. Hotel restaurants are usually open to outside guests. It is also an easy drive to Jimbaran Beach, where seafood barbecue dinners can be enjoyed at tables on the sand. Hotels like Mulia, Sofitel and Kempinski offer nice Sunday brunch package for those who want to try fancy all-you-can-eat dining experience.


Most of the hotels offer free airport-shuttle for the guests staying in their property, commonly they also have nice tour programs to beautiful places on the islands with extensive car options from the regular ones to luxurious cars. And yes, their tours are likely more expensive than average price.

Hotels also work together with local taxis and BlueBird; online taxis are operating secretly to avoid frictions with the groups of local taxi. If you prefer more affordable options, but still deliver an outstanding service, you can check out our car rental with driver package here. Renting a scooter while visiting Nusa Dua is not recommended as some properties set their scooter parking away, so you need to walk for long quite a distance to your hotel.


Most of the hotels in Nusa Dua and Benoa have bars that stay open fairly late, and some offer live music. The nightlife here is fairly tame; thus, many guests staying in Nusa Dua are prefer going to Seminyak to enjoy the nights, especially during weekends.


Some parts of Nusa Dua also offer fun water sports for the family, such as jet-skiing and banana boating. The beachside restaurants here are fairly clean, and the food can be quite good. It is also worth visiting one of Nusa Dua’s luxury hotels, even if you do not stay the night, as some contain Bali’s best restaurants, while others will let visitors pay to use their pool complexes and beach clubs for the day. If you are looking for a clean, safe beach area that is fun for the whole family and not too crowded, Nusa Dua is a great option!

Full day packages included an unlimited flow of meals and drinks, a wide range of activities for kids and adult can be found in ClubMed Bali, it’s very recommended!

Wonderful performances of contemporary dances is presented at Devdan stage; it’s one of the must-dos in Bali.

HIstory / Culture

Nusa Dua was a sparsely populated area for much of its history and was home mainly to seaweed farmers who lived in basic huts. With the boom in Bali tourism, it has become an enclave of luxury hotels and villas, and new properties continue to be developed at a rapid pace.