Getting ready for the night

Like most clubbing experiences, the real nightlife starts often after midnight once everyone’s downed a couple drinks or bottles. There is always something happening in Bali’s many beach clubs, night clubs, and upscale bars that offer delicious cocktails, imported beers, and fantastic bites to let you unwind and make new friends. You’ll find Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays that are most happening for nightlife.

Not keen on dressing up for the night and want to stay in shorts and a t-shirt? No worries, some spots are more casual than others for the average partygoer. You can even get dressed up in your fancy attire so all eyes are on you at the club. The island offers a wide range of nightlife experiences for visitors of all types, where you’ll feel right at home here in Bali.

Getting to know the party scene

Bali has long been widely favored as the place to be for clubbing and going out at night, establishments such as bars and clubs found in 5* hotels are also fairly popular. Nearly half a century ago, the island was a popular stop for hippies and surfers, and its relaxed and tolerant culture has allowed a thriving party scene to grow over the past decade. It’s close proximity to other Asian countries and Australia has turned Bali into a world-class destination for partying and nightlife.

However, it is interesting to note that Bali, being part of Indonesia, which is a muslim country by majority, is allowed such hedonism to fuel the tourism economy from the Island of the Gods. The party scene on the island is continuously developing, and seeing an increase in the number of clubs opening as well as the amount of visitors coming from all over the world.

Bali is in a particular phase, where the party scene is maturing with a more “grown-up” scene as amazing clubs are evolving. Iconic clubs such as La Favela, ShiShi, and Mirror are always brimming, venues that are never devoid of crowds, especially over the weekend. The epicenter of Bali’s nightlife is still found in the surrounding areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, and even further south in the Bukit Peninsula, such as Uluwatu and Ungasan.

Party Venues

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Rooftop Bars

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The South of Bali Is Where The Nightlife Is At

The following names are places that are probably no stranger to tourists and travelers who have come from across the world to enjoy a vacation and party in Bali.


Rooftop Lounges and Bars are gaining ground in Kuta. Kuta tends to pull in a wilder crowd with megaclubs, ultra-cheap drinks, and a musical focus on reggae, top 40, R&B, and mainstream dance music. Kuta has become a playground for young travellers during holiday seasons, drawing in party seekers from far away, but especially Australians on “Spring Break”. However, the overall atmosphere is a bit more “rough” and drinking seems to be the focus more than style and atmosphere.


Seminyak typically attracts a hipper, more refined group of clubbers than Kuta, and is home to many trendy bars and clubs. Most expatriates also hang out in Seminyak. The focus is more on beautiful venues with top of the line sound systems and international DJs playing house, techno, dubstep, and other cutting edge sounds. Drinks are of a higher quality, often made by the most skilled bartenders with imported ingredients. Make no mistake though, Seminyak’s clubs are still as wild as they come.


Canggu is bohemian, relaxed, and the area welcomes all kinds of travellers looking to celebrate healthy lifestyles, as well as a bit of partying. The clubbing scene is still young here and more places will open up, some others will close. Canggu is not only for parties and nightlife, and is probably the best place to be in Bali these days. Although the same level of nightlife hype found in Kuta and Seminyak has not reached the shores of Canggu yet, the bars in Canggu draw in crowds even from Kuta and Seminyak.


Much further south, at the shore of the Bukit peninsula, the clubs in Uluwatu invites thousands of party goers and world class DJs to clifftop parties who all want to have a good time, to see and be seen. It’s a bit of a stretch to get down there, but once you make it you’ll find the views are breathtaking with the perfect atmosphere for partying in class and style.

Why is Bali one of the best places in the world for a night out?


Like with so many things in Bali, the choices available of places to go for a night out are mind-blowingly varied. Journey on a bar hop or pub crawl, try out maybe 2 or 3 places sometimes until you find the right place that matches your mood and preference on any day. Whatever your preference is, from music, to ambience, budget, or even the crowd you want to be surrounded by, Bali has got you covered.

Fair Prices

Bali overall provides great value for money when it comes to clubbing, as the drink prices are fair for a worthwhile night out. You’ll find most venues don’t charge an entrance fee, the clubs and venues have also continuously improved in the atmosphere and services they provide whilst investing in good quality alcohol, though imported alcohol can sometimes rack up the bill due to import taxes in a Muslim country.

The Crowd

Bali has always drawn in a great mix of people. Visitors from all over the world who like to go out in Bali are always mingling and looking for a good time. You will meet interesting people of different walks of life, and the easygoing atmosphere encourages everyone to be more open, exuberant, less introverted, making it natural to meet new friends. For the singletons out there, there is always an exciting mix of locals, expats, and tourists from around the world head to the discos and clubs to mix and mingle.