Turning paradise into your new home

Millions have had this dream and tens of thousands have fulfilled it for themselves and their families, by finally moving to the island of Gods. In order for you not to turn your dream into a nightmare, we have written a comprehensive guide for you to help you to navigate moving and living in Bali.

“Bali is a magical place. And it’s a great place to live, do business, raise children, or simply retire”

~ live the dream, live it wisely

The Devil is in the Details

The best chance we get to live a happy life in Bali is to make sure we do some solid research and separate the rumours from the facts. Living in a new country, that has its own set of laws, and a very unique and complex culture, requires “expatriates”  to be well informed, open, aware, and tolerant. Bali is a very relaxed and accepting place and the Balinese are extremely welcoming. Yet it’s still important to understand the basic rules so we don’t abuse their hospitality. Not to forget, we need to know and obey to the local laws & regulations to avoid getting into trouble, which can get quite unpleasant very easily. Build a solid foundation, be informed, open your heart and mind, obey the laws…and then enjoy the magic of Bali.

Getting advice from “others”:
There are countless of agencies who are offering advice and services. But, the “solutions” they offered and worked for a few years might not work long-term. There are many “schemes & solutions” that are grey area or even illegal, which can backfire heavily. Indonesia is becoming more and more organized and strict.

Many foreigners who live here are more than happy to share their experiences and give advice, although many are simply anecdotal. Oftentimes illegal, these foreigners have trusted unreliable agencies or completely overlook the tax laws. Very common is still for example, that foreigners “buy a piece of land, using a local person as a nominee” and that’s problematic on so many levels and can result in losing the entire investment. 

Therefore, particularly if you are interested in investing in Bali (land or businesses) we strongly advise you to work with a reliable and reputable agent and always get a second opinion. Bali offers plenty of opportunities and an amazing life-style and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Enjoy our Guide to ‘Moving to and living in Bali’

Reasons for Moving

Bali is in many ways an incredibly wonderful place to live and work, and there are many expatriates from all over the world living in Bali, who have opened businesses and made a living. Of course, a decision to move to Bali is not an easy feat as it depends on what you plan to do, and what you expect to experience or achieve here. Although living on this island, natural beauty, spirituality, and high-speed wifi encourages many to simply settle here.