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Pack your bags and fly to Bali

Looking for an unforgettable holiday filled with days of sunshine, beautiful nature and activities that will be fun for the entire family? Then Bali is your destination. This tropical island is a great place to be a kid. Moms and dads will be amazed at how much fun they can have visiting Bali’s many family attractions.

Let us assist you plan your perfect, hassle free family holiday. On this page we have gathered the most important and essential information you need, when planning your family holiday to Bali.

Passports and Visas

Your passports must be valid for at least 6 months on the day of arrival. Immigration is very strict about this rule. Passport holders from countries like Australia, India, the USA and most European countries do not need a visa for a max stay of 30 days. Important: day of arrival counts as day 1.
Please check below link to see if you are visa exempt.

Info on Visa and Bali Immigration

Best Time to Travel

If you travel with kids that are in school you have to come during school holidays of course, which is in most cases during high season. July and August the weather is really nice with lots of sun, and little rain.The best time to visit Bali is May, June and September, just before and after the more expensive high season. April is also great. During those months it’s dry season which means it is less humid, expect more sunshine, beaches are clean, and room prices and villa rentals can be 30-50% cheaper than during high season (July, August, Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Easter).

Click for more info on the seasons, climate, weather and the best months to come to Bali.

Where to Stay with Kids

Sanur and Nusa Dua are great for families with small children as it has a peaceful white sand beach fronting a calm section of the Indian Ocean that allows safe swimming. Atmosphere is calm here and walking around with a stroller easy to manage.
Seminyak and Canggu are great areas for children too, yet the sea is more rough and sometimes dangerous. If kids are old enough to surf or learn how to surf, these areas are perfect for a more active holiday. The Canggu Club has a Water Park, Trampoline Centre, a Ten Pin Bowling, and Kids Club. Both Seminyak and Canggu have many restaurants, interesting shops and beach front clubs. Kuta and some parts of Legian are more for youngsters and party goers. Ubud is also recommendable for families with kids. The monkey forest is a fun highlight.

For more info on other areas.

Travel & Health Insurance

We strongly advise that you do not travel without insurance. Emergency care can become expensive really quickly. Do check your coverage before you travel as some policies do not cover injuries caused by certain activities such as trekking, scuba diving or paragliding. Often, if you pay your travel expenses with your credit card, a travel insurance is included. You can check with your credit card company for details.

Money & Currency

Once you land at the airport, we suggest you go to the ATM or money changer just outside the airport building and get some IDR for paying taxi and first expenses. Credit cards are well accepted in the tourist areas, but not so much in the more remote areas and smaller businesses. You can withdraw cash at an ATM, which are easy to find. USD, AUD, EUR are easily converted at money changers.

More tips on handling money, money-changers and ATMs.

Medication and vaccination

If a family member needs special medication, avoid immigration questions by bringing a letter of the doctor and keeping the medication in its original package. There are several pharmacy chains operating in Bali which do give a good service and know what they are doing. Medicine is often very cheap compared to other countries.
Bali has well equipped hospitals and emergency doctors, located primarily in the south. In case of an emergency, staying in a more remote area, can become a real challenge. Vaccination is not required but recommended in some situations.

Vaccination & Health Hazards

Airport Shuttle Service

Although the situation at the airport in Bali is improving, it can still be quite a hassle to get into a car or cab that takes you to your hotel or villa. Particularly if you are traveling with kids, luggage, strollers, etc. If your accommodation does not include airport transfer you can pre-book your car online with at a fair price and enjoy a hassle free arrival with a driver who understands you, comes with a clean car that works and is big enough. Baby seats are available on request.

Book your Airport Shuttle Online

Getting Around

Even though Bali is small, walking is not always easy, particularly not with children, strollers, etc. With kids it’s always advisable to play it safe in Bali. You can hire cars with drivers for 5h or 10h, rent a car without a driver (bring intern. driving license), or crab a metered taxi service. We suggest to choose Blue Bird which are the most reliable and trustworthy. Or you can get a Grab-Car or Go-Car. Those app-services (GoJek and Grab) work, but are not always available. In some areas they are banned.

More information on Driving & Transport



Strollers & Equipment
There are a few companies where you can rent equipment such as strollers, baby cots, high chairs etc, during your holiday.

Watch the dogs and monkeys
Make sure that your children don’t come into contact with street dogs, no matter how cute they seem as some have questionable health conditions. This caution also applies when you visit the monkey forest. Make sure that your kids don’t do anything that could upset the monkeys, like chasing after them, showing teeth or not holding them.

Bali people are the most child loving people so don’t be surprised when the hotel or villa staff will dote on your children all through the day. If you would like a set of extra hands or take a break for some adult activities then Bali has several professional babysitting service companies with friendly staff trained in first aid and CPR.

Sea & Waves
Weather, wind and tides can change drastically the conditions of the sea at any given time. Always watch your kids playing on the beach and particularly never leave them out of sight when they are near or in the water. Some strong currents might occur, and some waves can be pretty powerful.

Sun Protection
The sun is strong in Bali. And even if it’s cloudy there is enough sunlight getting through that can cause sunburn. Bring yur sun protection from home, as in Bali it is quite expensive.

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